Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Shipping With Steamworks

E4G: Steam has announced that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be shipping with steamworks.

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dkblackhawk502944d ago

Sweet, more games are getting Steamworks, gotta love it!

dkblackhawk502944d ago

Yep, especially with all the features that Steamworks has.

Substance1012944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

hell yea.. 45usd on steam. such prices are PC only ;-)

sucks to pay 60usd per game.

blumatt2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

I wonder if the PS3 version will get it too since Portal 2 is getting Steamworks on the PS3 version.

Edit: @ ilmouzer Why would Sony be pissed if its version got Steamworks?
Edit: @ krisq Oh, ok man. I didn't understand the difference.

il-mouzer2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

doubt it, sony will be pissed most probably if such a thing happened
plus I think that steamworks will just be available for valve games for a while, on consoles of course

forget what I said... :)

krisq2944d ago

...but SteamCloud, which means updates without certification process through Sony.

mmoracerules2944d ago

Downloading the demo for this game now, can't wait to see how well the game is.

dkblackhawk502944d ago

The demo is quite fun actually :D

ActionBastard2944d ago

The demo redeemed the awful first game in more than one way. I'm actually considering buying it.

comp_ali2944d ago

Nice to see developers are finally dumping GFWL and going for steamworks

lex-10202944d ago

I thought the demo was terrible.

dirthurts2944d ago

I don't like that it's tied to Steam. That means I can't sell it on ebay if I don't like it...

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