Barack Obama in Madden NFL 11

Following the footsteps of Bill Clinton being included in NBA Jam, Barack Obama, the President of USA is included in Madden NFL 11

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Baltis3061d ago

Maybe you can sideline him. Anything to keep him from mucking up anything else.

tplarkin73061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

He wouldn't even make a good waterboy. If the water got dirty somehow, he would still serve it. Just look at the Gulf.

Gamerbee3061d ago

But he's still your president. You dont like it. Go to f*cking mexico. Or shall we summon former president bush? Prick.

dizzleK3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )


go change your tampon. obama is an effing boob, he's too busy taking vacation every effing week to actually do anything and when he does do something it destroys everything america was built on.

i can't believe there are still obama supporters out there, i thought you all died from embarrassment. this is what you get for putting someone who has never managed anything in charge just because he's black.

Cryptech3061d ago

Obama is a boob. Anyone still defending him is drinking waaaay too much kool-aid.

pippoppow3061d ago

Foxnews fanboys. Fanaticism is like an airborne pathagen; it spreads to all other facets of life. Oil spill handling was badly handled by govt as a whole. People need to get past party allegiency and personal bigotry. The people running the govt are to blame for putting the environment and well being of the citizens after the wants and demands of financial institutions and big business, as well as their own asperations. Govt needs a major change before anything gets much better.

HolyOrangeCows3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

So long as he isn't managing the team. He'd probably slip contracts for several mascots they couldn't afford into Farve's latest conract.

"But he's still your president. You dont like it. Go to f*cking mexico. Or shall we summon former president bush? Prick."
"Foxnews fanboys"
Because everyone who doesn't like Obama LOOOOOOVES Bush and FOX, right?
It's because of people like you that think that way that we got such a wasteful Healthcare system and not the kind we needed.

I'm still voting Paul in 2012. Even if he isn't on the ballot :)

pippoppow3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Actually think its ths them vs us divide between dems and repubs and the people that support that divide is a major reason why govt so screwed up. I voted for obama and believe more socialist ideals can and will help the us in the long haul. Just made an assumption with the fanboy comment due to the singling out of a figurehead and not the whole Body. Yes obama deserves criticism but Like I said this govt needs a change as no matter who the pres is the outcome probably would have come about similarly. People who fall into being a blind devoted follower of either parties is why the us citizens gets led by the nose by those in charge..

Darkstorn3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Obama's trying his best. It's difficult for us liberals to support him because he has settled for watered down reform and half-assed 'change,' but he's still fixing things, albeit slowly.

That is such bullshit. Bush took hundreds more vacation days than Obama, as did Reagan.

I should just say that it will never be popular to be a liberal in the United States. Conservatives outnumber us 2:1 in this nation. It will always be an uphill battle for those of us who strive for social democracy.

writersblock3061d ago

That most of america is comprised of idiots who dont want to do fuck all so they blame the president for every single thing that goes wrong. How the US goverment is still up and running, I have no idea

No, nevermind. Money, thats why

HolyOrangeCows3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

"Conservatives outnumber us 2:1 in this nation"

And you're right about Obama changing things slowly. Too slowly.
In fact, he hasn't done most of the things that he promised to do "yet"
When does he start withdrawing a couple thousand troops every month, as promised?
He'll get to it, I'm sure. Just in time for re-election season, just like when the healthcare bill will actually take effect.

fenix13003061d ago

despite the fact that he passed health care reforme that is going to save this country several trillion dollars over the next decade, improving the economy, and passed reforms on Wall street to protect investors, you people still think that he has done nothing is appalling. is he what we expected as a president NO but who is?
as for the Gulf please don't talk if you don't understand the situation. you can just improperly cap an oil well and hope that the problem goes a away. funny thing is that your ignoring the fact that all Oil companies are creating billion dollar programs in order to counter oil spills in the future. again I'm not happy with his presidency but he is a lot better than the alternative.

titans99993060d ago

I read the article and thought that there would be some comments about the super bowl in madden that is better....guess not, i did not come here for a debate!!!

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hat did he muck up in the first place? I thought he had to fix the problems the last administration bestowed upon the US populace.

Koneesha3061d ago

That came from the administration before that.

The BS Police3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

It all came from Reagan and the Bush's.

cyberwaffles3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

"I thought he had to fix the problems the last administration bestowed upon the US populace."

still kind of ironic seeing that congress was under democratic control even when bush was in office.

EDIT: @The BS Police

correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought reaganomics proved successful back in the 80's?

MicroSony4Life3061d ago

I tought I was in N4G not CNN - Viva el Clinton.

The BS Police3061d ago

It did the follwoing:

- Created a massive deficit.
- Increased national debt.
- And while the pie grew only the rich benefited from it.

Bill Clinton's administration had the best economic performance in 30 years.

Darkstorn3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Clinton was no liberal. In fact, he continued most of Reagan and H.W. Bush's policies. I may respect Bill, but he's partially responsible for the mess we're in.

The New Deal gave us decades of innovation even with a 92% income tax on the rich, and now we've actually lowered taxes on the wealthy since Nixon and out economic performance has decreased exponentially. Even in the 80s our economy was nothing like it was in the 50s and 60s.

likeaboss3023061d ago

Wow it's clear they don't teach kids anything in school today. The only problem with Regan was he let the Democrats in Congress spend way too much. Clinton did well because he got in line with the conservative Republicans knowing it the politically expedient thing to do. George Bush's problem was he wasn't very fiscally conservative at all. Letting fat and happy Republicans do what Democrats in power did before them.

Bottom line is this. American Government needs a total reboot. Back to the founding principles.

DKExtreme3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )


Reagan called for massive tax cuts for the rich (the worst form of gov. spending) and tripled our military spending. To state that those actions didn't contribute to Reagan's massive deficit is incredibly ignorant.

I should add that Republicans controlled Congress between 1980 and 1986, at the height of the decade's spending.

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sinclaircrown3061d ago

Then tell me how you would go about it. Then tell me what's involved in running a country.

I'll save you some time. YOU have no idea.

Easy to blame the guy that's trying to fix the mess he inherited.

silvacrest3061d ago

its easy for these guys to bitch and hate without even thinking first, the comment about what the last administrator left behind is a good example, the BP oil leak is another example

how is any of this obama's fault? what could have he done different? what would you do?

I'm eager to hear the haters response...

cyberwaffles3061d ago

i agree with you how the BP oil spill and the work that is on his plate thanks to the last adminstration was inherited on him and not caused by him, but there are a lot of other reasons for some of the population's disapproval of him. a lot of it for me personally goes back to the comments and actions he and his wife did during his campaign.

we can all agree that bush screwed up more than he fixed things, but you also got to remember that congress was democratic-controlled and not soley bush's fault for the debt we got into. i mean hell, obama as already put us into more debt in the 2 years he has been president than bush ever had, but i must admit, obama has a really tough situation to clean up and no matter how much i dislike him, i also sympathize for the fact that he has to somehow manage the BP oil spill and economic crisis we're going through.

i don't think it would matter if mit romney, mccain, or clinton would've been elected; we would still definitely be in an economic crisis right now. i just don't like how obama approved of universal health care, ordains amnesty, approved the bailout, wouldn't salute or pledge allegiance during his campaign, his wife saying un-patriotic things, and a bunch of other things.

likeaboss3023061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

The biggest problem with the BP situation is the US Government doesn't let them drill in easier to access areas. Had they been drilling in Alaska on land this would have been over in a day.

ChibletZ3061d ago

At least he is slightly better looking than Bush.

Buttons3061d ago

And he has full command of the English language, unlike a certain former president. You guys should stop misunderestimating Obama.

cyberwaffles3061d ago

damn, i'm surprised there are a lot of obama supporters still around. his ratings have been dropping insuperably yet there are still stragglers that approve him? being in the military i understand that an american should always back up their country's president despite what your views maybe, but someone please give their rationale why anyone should still support him and his political agenda.

and as pointless it is to say this, i feel like i have to mention that i'm black just for the sake of someone presuming racism and that his race had no say-so in the matter for me disliking him.

shit, he's more of a celebrity than a president as far as i'm concerned.

Buttons3061d ago

I'm gonna let someone else take their time to write a long answer and since I only have a bubble left, but I wanted to pointed out you probably wouldn't need to be in the military if we weren't in a useless war to begin with. Even if you don't think he's doing the best job, tell me who can. At least he's better than Bush.

MikeGdaGod3060d ago

Obama has done more to better this country in the two years he's been in office than the 16 years of Bush and Regan combined.

Three Major Things in fact:
he's passed heathcare (you may not like it, but it's better than we had before)
he's passed wallstreet reform (a HUGE reason why the economy is the way it is)
he's put a positive face on American politics and America in general. I personally had no faith in our government after watching sh!thead Bush elected for a second time and promised to stop voting completely....until Obama gave me hope that things could get better. and i think in the long haul, they will.

there are plenty of other things but i'm sure you guys will find a reason to slight him for it. but i ask you....what is your solution???? McCain and Palin?!?!?!??!?!?

AAACE53060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Nevermind... I was going to say something to impact your minds, but it will probably get overlooked by the ignorance here!

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Droid Control3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

If you ask the Queen of England really nicely, maybe she'll offer to let her kingdon rule you again.

God knows you need a ruler that isn't a f**king incompetent president.

George Sears3061d ago

Bitch still alive? Sucking all you Brits tax money I presume. You guys should just kill that monarchy tradition and use that money for something better.

Buttons3061d ago

We should ask her nicely to back the hell off so however many millions of pounds are wasted on her go to something useful like education or elimination of poverty.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

The guy holding the shirt with Obama was nervous or what?

silvacrest3061d ago

you guys bitch about your president alot, i will tell you a secret, pretty much all presidents/prime ministers a rubbish

the queen of England is the worst though, she literally does nothing and gets millions a year for the privilege

cyberwaffles3061d ago

agreed. almost all presidents go through scrutiny and in my opinion, are puppets anyways. it's the senate, adivisory, and congress that pull the strings in the US ultimately. hell, i would go as far to say there's a government conspiracy similar to the AI systems in MGS4.

N4PS3Fanboys3061d ago

Maybe he'll finally show his birth certificate virtually in the game.

Buttons3061d ago

And maybe Deer Hunter 2011 will have Sarah Palin finally show her high school diploma virtually in the game.

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