StarCraft II Servers Now Online

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has now opened up for business.

The normally neglected Aussie and Kiwi players of the Southeast Asia are the first to get online. In 5.5 hours, Europe will have it's own launch.

Blizzard representatives and community managers are awaiting in Stockholm, Paris, London and other European capitals.

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DJDarkstar3036d ago

That they are :D We are online and going. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

dkblackhawk503036d ago

I agree...NA has to wait a while still :(

Recka3036d ago

EU players still don't have, Aust has it :P

kuangtu3036d ago

I know.........poor Americans...

Recka3036d ago

I do feel sorry for the US and EU haha :D

DJDarkstar3036d ago

As do I, but we don't usually get much first haha.

Recka3036d ago

It is quite a nice change :P especially from a US company O_o

Cogo3036d ago

5,5 hours is 5,5 hours too much ;/

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The story is too old to be commented.