Blue Dragon Achievement List

The achievement list for Blue Dragon (Xbox 360) is now circulating the net for your viewing pleasure. Without actually playing the game, there isn't a whole lot you can get out of this, but Filefront did get a sense of balance from the listed achievements. Some games seem to have achievement lists that are not so great, but this one looks diversified.

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jinn3756d ago

seems like a game not worth buying nor wasting time to play it.

DiLeCtioN3756d ago

i hooked up my friend to the internet and downloade bd and i got a chance to play was pretty good. The story is fun and with awesome special attacks(main character has the best he kills it)

alexander22rednaxela3756d ago

This is the Final fantasy on 360, but with 360 power ofcourse. the game was very well recived in asia, and is is a system seller.

omansteveo3756d ago

Yeah i loved this demo alot and plan on buying it...the only complaints ive heard from people is that the demo didnt really explain anything to you so there was some confusion is a demo afterall

ParaDise_LosT3756d ago

I never really liked BD because I never played DragonQuest, so I couldn't really relate....
But Lost Odyssey new and fresh :)
so I'm happy with it :)

AllroundGamer3756d ago

i agree with that, Lost Odyssey is for more mature players and Blue Dragon for the kiddies, i personally like both styles :D but i was disappointed after playing the BD dragon demo, so Lost Odyssey FTW!

VaeVictus3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

I think the biggest achievement should actually reward people for playing this game. After playing the demo(somehow), I found that I'd rather watch sewing shows on PBS and discuss afterwards it with retarded monkeys.

Charlie26883756d ago

I think ill pass on BD I prefer Lost Odyssey ^^

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