Critical Gamer: Hydro Thunder Hurricane review

Critical Gamer writes: Can a racing game have soul? The genre certainly fights an uphill battle. With emotionless heaps of metal zipping around tracks devoid of human life, there’s not a lot of room for charm. Yet you can feel it every time you get a takedown in Burnout or dodge and weave through a dozen opponents in Blur.

A racing game’s soul comes from the thrill of speed, the challenge of your competition, or the satisfaction of a well-taken turn. In arcade-style games, it can come from outlandish, Bruckheimer-esque moments, an impossibly-long powerslide, or a mile-high jump.

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scruffy_bear3063d ago

Was hoping that Hydro would be better than this

lugia 40003063d ago

All the reviews had more than 80%. This review is just a complete fail.

scruffy_bear3063d ago

Maybe they the only site that speaking the truth about Hydro

lugia 40003063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I don´t see why. The game looks awesome, and why would the other 10websites are lying, which one of them is a very known source ?

GeoramA3063d ago

$15 seems a bit much for this.

lugia 40003063d ago

Read the other reviews and compare to this one.