Why Street Fighter X Tekken will own Tekken X Street Fighter

NowGamer: The recent double announcement at Comic Con concerning two of the biggest fighting franchises has really got chins wagging here at NowGamer. Not specifically on just how many beat ‘em up crossovers can occur before videogaming implodes, but just how much Street Fighter X Tekken will walk all over Tekken X Street Fighter. And do an Ultra on it...

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GodHandDee3065d ago

The usual 2d fighter fanboy (not 'fan' mind you) bashing 3d fighter pov article imo... The lack of imagination of the author baffles me

MiloGarret3065d ago

I'm actually more interested in Tekken X Street Fighter, which is strange considering I'm a bit of a SF-fanboy. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they resolve all the issues abound.

As long as I can HH-slap the beejesus out of people with E.Honda, I'm happy.

gaffyh3065d ago

I'm looking forward to Tekken x SF a lot more, there have been already been 2 SFs in the space of like a year. Plus Tekken is just that much more fluid.

rockleex3065d ago

I want to see how they're going to increase the Street Fighter characters' move lists to 100 moves per character like in Tekken.

jetlian3064d ago

rock they won't!!! they will get it up to 50-60 like kazuya.

gtamike3065d ago

It looks really bad and alot slower gameplay than Tekken 6

Incognegro3065d ago

That article didn't bring much insight. I could see it working in the Tekken world, but I am more apprehensive about it than I am Street Fighter x Tekken since more things need to be taken into consideration. I do see a lot of specials like Ken and Chun Li's combo specials being morphed into a somewhat 10 hit combo.

Specials like Ryu's hadoken blast can be turned into an unblockable wave. Unblockable's are rarely used but they can still change the tide of a match if timed right. Besides, there have been a handful of characters that have implored waves, and it has worked. Instead of getting up in arms about the announcement, how about just wait and see for a change...but it doesn't look like we can do that huh..?

Baka-akaB3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

we had earlier examples showing that kind of unimaginative and restricted thinking for SFxT , about tekken characters being supposedly unable to handle fireballs unlike characters without projectiles from sf itself in the same situation .

I stay stop assuming and just wait and see , if you really can't figure out yourself a way that it could easily work out .

Bottom line both companies know what they are doing

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young juice3065d ago

whoa wait!!! i just started workin so i havent been up on my gaming news. WHAT IS THIS???

i didnt even know they announced this

TrevorPhillips3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Are you serious bro, here is the trailer. This game is dope! :D

young juice3065d ago

i had no idea whatsoeva :P thanks for the trailer

TrevorPhillips3065d ago

Why I don't care what the title says and that I'm getting both street fighter vs tekken and tekken vs street fighter I mean it's the two fighting games that I love ohh and dont forget MK9 =]

XxBarretxX3065d ago

I play both of these fighters and in my honest opinion I like Tekken better. Probably because I started on PS2 and Tekken was the best fighting game last gen and SF might as well of not existed (except for SFAN Near the end).

Although I think the 2D versions will be better just because you can't compare the "realistic" fighting of Tekken to the "superpower"fighting of SF

TheFaggot_3065d ago

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me why Street Fighter 4 is considered a 2D game??

Fishy Fingers3065d ago

Perhaps because it is? It may appear 3D, but you fight on a horizontal 2D plane.

PeterGriffinSays3065d ago

The graphics itself are 3D, but thats not what they're referin to.

alphakennybody3065d ago

lack of sidestep, even the new MK is consider to be 2d for the same reason

TheFaggot_3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Oh I got it now thanks to all of you :)

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