GTA V: Hollywood - Gameplay Predictions

Based on today's rumour that GTA V will be set in Hollywood, NowGamer goes over the features, characters and missions it would like to see in the final game. What would YOU like to see included in the setting?

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gtamike2733d ago

GTA Name.
GTA 5 for PS4

Darkstorn2733d ago

Los Angeles? That would be awful. The city isn't walkable, it's ugly, and it's car-reliant. If they really want to set a GTA game in California, have it be San Francisco or Oakland.

DasBunker2733d ago

i luv when theres some popular BS news... then everybody and their dogs make an article about it..

fastrez2732d ago

That's how gaming sites get business though isn't it?

Dellis2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

R* will announce GTA THE MOVIE for Summer 2011, that's what the mean by Hollywood!

The next game will take place in Vice CITY, you would know if you played GTA DLCs, it is coming Spring 2011

keops32733d ago

OMG. would. be. so. cool.

fingers crossed :D

r1sh122733d ago

Rockstar cannot legally make a film called grand theft auto since some director has the rights to that film name.
IF that director tried to make a game, with the name grand theft auto those rights are with rockstar.
so, if they do announce a film it will not be called GTA...

Kingdom Come2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

As long as it has the same great gameplay.
But let's be serious here, the evidence suggests it's Vice City.
-The teaser poster in the Liberty City Episodes Manual.
-The OXM news claiming GTA to be returning to its roots in sequal.
-Posters corner has section of Vice City poster.
Either way, Rock* will make a terrific game...

writersblock2733d ago

Since this isnt even near confirmed, all we have is an article with some random conversation about someone being gay with GTA thrown in

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