Five Problems Dead Rising 2 Needs To Avoid

The original Dead Rising was a great game but it was also very flawed. Here are five things Dead Rising 2 needs to avoid to be awesome.

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pat_11_53061d ago

I loved the original Dead Rising but I seriously could not stand the stupid save system! It drove me insane!

TheSleepyGamer3061d ago

The save system made no sense at all. You take a leak to save the game? It seems completely out of place.

HolyOrangeCows3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I don't understand why people are so against the DR save system. I thought it was fine.
Edit: Now that I think about it, save points were sort of spread out. Maybe they should just have more save points.

They just need to fix survivor AI and make the cutscenes a bit less campy. Or maybe more campy.

Otis interrupting and only being able to get side missions from him was pretty annoying.

MariaHelFutura3061d ago

I still play Dead Rising and love it. All they NEED to fix IMO is 2 things. First, make the same time system but have it be waaaaaay longer so you have more time to mess around and still stay on task. Second, make the save point more accessible cause you can`t have a "insta-save" system cause it wouldn`t work out well if you save it when your low on health and surrounded by zombies. I`m super interested to see how the co-op works and the weapon building.

FACTUAL evidence3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

The Otis thing was retarded. I almost guarantee he won't be in the DR2. Secondly, my main gripe with DR1 was the fact that I could BARELY stay on the story mode. It was hard to try to stay on track, too many timed objectives. On top of that I had a SDTV so I couldn't even read anything lol.

pat_11_53061d ago

Otis was ridiculously annoying, I can't believe you liked him.

ThanatosDMC3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

And here i believed in all the hours that i played in DR1 was perfect...

The time thing is forgiveable because it allowed for multiple playthroughs for all those multiple endings. I was surprised by those cultists and the pain in the ass military.

TheSleepyGamer3061d ago

I almost included the Spec Ops. and Overtime Mode as a whole in the list. Those guys took way too many bullets to kill and their inclusion meant that hardly any Zombies were to be seen. For a Zombie-based game I found myself asking "what's the point of that?"

I liked the sense of urgency that the timer gave but there didn't seem like there was enough time to have fun doing random things as well as complete all of the missions in time.

Even if you did ignore the missions, Otis was always there to remind you, always...

ThanatosDMC3059d ago

I hated Otis with a passion... i wish i could've use my sledgehammer on him.

Reibooi3061d ago

disagree about the voice acting. It wasn't perfect in the first game or anything but it was by no means as bad as they made it sound.

Rocket Sauce3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

All you have to do is go to a save point What's the problem?

pat_11_53061d ago

Because it would be much easier to press start and save

Rocket Sauce3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

I could understand that being a minor inconvenience, but some people talk about this like it ruined the game for them. I think this gets mentioned more than the unbelievably stupid AI.

There's at least one save point in every area of the game - even in the courtyard, and I'm pretty sure there's one in the parking garage, too. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two to get to a restroom and save.

I dunno, I never had a problem with it. It's not really different from any other game. Maybe it's kind of a shock after getting used to automatic saving.

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SupaGamer3061d ago

Please fix Dead Rising 2! I liked the first one but was also very annoyed by it.

Wizziokid3061d ago

as long as they make it more fun I don't mind, the first game was really boring for me.

Alos883061d ago

I hated the fact that if you said you didn't want to save you had to start all over again. That feature needs to die.

MGRogue20173061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

From what I can remember.. The only problem I had with the first game was the stupid AI, The NPCs just wouldn't follow you.. they always seemed to deliberately stay behind & get themselves attacked.. Almost as if they didn't want to be rescued lol

Also, the fact that if you died, You would need to start all over again was really what made me say "fuck off" to the game..

Dead Rising 2 doesn't look to have any of these issues as far as I know.. so that's good & I'll be looking forward to checking out the sequel, for sure. :)

TheSleepyGamer3061d ago

I once gave a Survivor a Shotgun and he was still somehow scared of moving... If I had a Shotgun I'd be running towards the damn Zombies.

pat_11_53061d ago

I've totally seen that happen. Crazy stuff, I sometimes wonder how a game gets released with AI issues like that.

ThanatosDMC3061d ago

Yeah, they like getting stuck in the little water area. Endings off the zombies from them... then BAM! I accidentally smash their head in with my sledghammer!

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