3DS to have higher game prices - Pachter

The Nintendo 3DS could see higher game prices than its predecessor, reckons industry analyst Michael Pachter.

According to the Wedbush man, the new handheld is "revolutionary" enough to justify larger price tags - and it'll still sell with them.

"We view the 3DS as a revolutionary device, and expect its launch to spur hardware and software sales," Pachter said today.

"Due to the unique 3DS experience previewed by Nintendo at E3 this year, we believe Nintendo will be able to sell millions of units even at a price of upwards of $250."

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Seijoru2984d ago

I won't pay more than 30$ for a bunch of remakes on a handheld. Maybe 40$ for new stuff. Hell I'll just pirate like I do with my regular DS if they try to get away with charging 60$ per game.

Rumor2984d ago


sarshelyam2984d ago

Nor will I pay more than 40.00 for a handheld game. It's a bit tough to swallow some of those pricepoints on the NDS right now. If I'm spending upwards of 50+, I sure as hell be getting a home console release. Not some title I have to play dead center no more than 15" from my face.

ATLGAMER2984d ago

I am with you free cars and free games...

HeyImWiiTARDED2984d ago

3DS is going to fail, just like Virtual Boy. Remember who claimed it first when it happens!

TacoTaru2984d ago

Yeah, that's it, if you can't afford something just steal it. If you don't like the price don't buy it, but that's not an excuse to steal.

AAACE52983d ago

Haha... If you pirate... your opinion is because you aren't considered a consumer!

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yewles12984d ago

Pachter just ensured free games in the future. XD

Jdoki2984d ago

Considering Sony have said that creating or converting a PS3 game to 3D is not a huge effort, I don't really see how Nintendo could justify a price increase.

Not saying they won't (or that Sony won't do the same!!), but DS and PSP games are priced just about right at the moment - I wouldn't pay more for a handheld game - even one in 3D.

randomwiz2984d ago

Sony said converting a ps3 game to 3d isn't a huge effort because they want to promote 3d, and they want devs to try it.

That being said, these are handheld games, not full blown console titles. They have shorter development times, and lower budgets. its harder to do 3d as a handheld dev than it is as a console dev.

BeaArthur2984d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they boost the prices. It was bound to happen at some point and the 3DS seems like the next big thing, so why not when it drops.

PeterGriffinSays2984d ago

Wasnt this already established? >_>

The Great Melon2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Good, I thought I read that too somewhere. This is a Patcher prediction, so I expect whatever he says will not happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.