FIFA producer 'concerned' about World Cup tie-in stealing FIFA 11 sales

FIFA 11's line producer David Rutter has admitted that he's "slightly concerned" over having two FIFA games release in one year, but that he thinks FIFA 11's feature set is still "pretty compelling" to owners of FIFA World Cup.

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Yi-Long2947d ago

... you can upload replays longer than 5-10 seconds, as well as being able to watch those replays inside the game, instead of having to go onto the shitty EA-website to rewatch them...

Also, I hope for an in-game editor like Pro Evo has, where you can edit the appearance of your players.

Seijoru2947d ago

You can save replays to your HDD in FIFA 11

Conloles2947d ago

Fifa 11 will still have enough sales imo everyone I know has sold WC anyways

Alos882947d ago

If your game is good it will sell, you only need to worry if your product is inferior.

kingboy2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

How about more international teams and an offline world cup /story mode for starters :) that should seal the deal

amobius2947d ago

it will have have great sales because its the complete package, clubs and international teams. Ive never bought a world cup or international team football game cuz ive always been more interested in clubs.

Baka-akaB2947d ago

the idea of selling them on the side as a spin-off is a complete rip off anyway

Hades13372947d ago

I think FIFA World Cup did well to sell as much as it did. Regardless, I doubt that it would stop people from buying FIFA 11, considering that all the features of the World Cup game will be in it anyway.