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Submitted by kennykramer 2024d ago | news

Girl Gamers Like the Wii Even More with New Massage Simulator

"Microforum Ltd. today announced that its massage simulator puzzle game, Enjoy your massage!, will be available on WiiWare in North America on 9th August.

In Enjoy your massage! you will be hired as an apprentice masseur of Giselle's beauty farm, one of the most famous in the city. Learn new relaxing massage combinations and apply them on your stressed customers! As an apprentice, you'll have to do your best: if your client gets angry, no one will save you from losing your job, but if you prove to be able, you might even become the director of the whole beauty farm!" (Enjoy your massage!, Wii)

vgchica  +   2025d ago
Okay, I laughed a little. This is just silly though.
vgn24  +   2025d ago
for the record
The 360 already has an indie game that does this. It sucks your batteries though. *tries not to snicker*
Johnny_Bravo  +   2025d ago
"an" indie game? There's like 5 or 6 lol some include online multiplayer as well. One game said something like "Give massages to your friends over Xbox live" I laughed, then pictured the perverts who made that game hahahaa.

Plug & Play will fix your battery problem. Never again will I buy batteries.
Persistantthug  +   2024d ago
TrapperDan.....You're not being fair....
XBOX 360 comes with a pair of AA batteries in the the box man....

I mean, come on....

AA batteries...

Who doesn't want those?
AAACE5  +   2024d ago
Actually the 360 has several games that do this!
GunShotEddy  +   2025d ago
your girl might like the Wii more and wear out the batteries. USaTISFIED.
BeaRye  +   2024d ago
If games about vibrators can't get her involved in gaming, it's probably hopeless. HA
vgn24  +   2024d ago
It could be the smartest move in game design to date.
condorstrike  +   2024d ago
there's 7 women for every Wii-mote in the world. ;)
dirthurts  +   2024d ago
Group sessions?
7zark7  +   2024d ago
"Massage Stimulator" he he he
Nihilism  +   2024d ago
"A little girls guitar is just, another little good virbration..."
idakev   2024d ago | Spam
Persistantthug  +   2024d ago
4 player woman massage sim
Make it SPLIT SCREEN and 3D and we've got ourselves a serious hit in the making, folks.

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cygnuszero  +   2024d ago
Wow this is just embarrassing. What is the guy that wrote this like 15 years old?
hiredhelp  +   2024d ago
as long as it doesnt go below the middle part the body.

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