PlayDevil: Things On Wheels X360 Review

PlayDevil has just published their review of Load Inc. miniature racing game for XBLA, "Things On Wheels".

After their successful XBLA title Mad Tracks, Load Inc have returned for another miniature racing game- how does their new game compare against the competition?

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"Rather than being top down like scrap metal or micro machines, Things on Wheels presents the action from behind the remote-controlled cars like the classic ReVolt.

Whilst the game clearly tries to emulate that game, with a variety of vehicles and vehicle classes, weapons, and arcade handling, ToW is just nowhere near as good at the 10 year old game it wants to be."

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Yi-Long3065d ago

... I miss the good old days of simple top-down racers like Micro Machines, Super Cars, Rock n Roll Racing, etc.

Simple gameplay yet terribly addictive.