Halo: Reach Legendary Edition to be in more limited supply than Halo 3's

Bungie's community director Brian Jarrard has revealed that Halo: Reach's Legendary Edition will be in fairly limited supply when the game launches this September, saying that "if you don't get your hands on one soon there's a good chance they are going to be gone".

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tdogchristy902831d ago

This will be my first limited edition of any kind. I've had chances to get others, halo 3, mw2, ect. But this is the first one to really intrest me, so I do hope it's something special. From the video the statues do look like really good quality.

Jaces2831d ago

already have mine preordered on Amazon ;D

I'm not usually suckered into limted editions of any sorts but I really liked the figurnes, now that's something I'd spend a pretty penny on.

EVILDEAD3602831d ago

My Halo 3 helmet still sits on the top of my entertainment will be moved to the left when the statue arrives..

I remember standing in line at the midnight Halo 3 friend and I were the first who ordered the Legendary..we walked out my friend opens the box grabs the Helmet and raises it to the sky and we had the entire parking lot screaming and going bezerk..

LOL @ never even opening the COW:MW2 NVGs

Can't wait..8 weeks to go..


BeaArthur2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

I'll be fine with my standard edition.

Yep, good call I didn't proofread.

iceman29292831d ago

*edition. There you go :)

lugia 40002831d ago

Obviously they are more limited since they are hand painted.

militant072831d ago

I want one :), I actually may get it, its all depend on tomorrow

poopnscoop2831d ago

Day 1 they'll sell out. Guarenteed.

BeaArthur2831d ago

Depending on how limited they are, it might sell out before it releases.

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The story is too old to be commented.