GTA Hollywood: Could it Work

TheSixthAxis writes:
The problem with the rumour this morning that Grand Theft Auto V will be set in Hollywood is that, in general terms at least, we’ve already been there. Not that I’m disputing the details of the rumour because I’ve no reason to – there’s every chance the next ‘Auto could well be set in Los Angeles’ most celebrated locale even though this is the first we’ve heard of it.

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stonecold12979d ago

a ps3 exclusive since the 360 held back the ps3 version of gta and red dead redemption if right rockstar also metioned there would be no more gta after gt4 came out because they were limited to the console gta v needs to be a ps3 exclusive

MRJENKINS2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

1. No, gta 5 should come out on ps3,360 and pc let everyone enjoy it plus gta 4 sold 8 million on the 360 and 7 million on the ps3 rockstar can not ignore that there is demand for a 360 version of GTA

2.What douse your comment have to do with GTA in Hollywood? i swear people like you should be banned form commenting ON ANYTHING.

Rot_in_Fail2979d ago

I hope it's GTA Los Santos.

Double Toasted2979d ago old are you? Or are you just saying stuff for the "lolz"?

On topic: I think the Hollywood idea could work. Make it on par or better than Get Shorty and they will do fine imo. If you've never seen Get Shorty...go watch it, its a great movie. The sequel was dumb as shit though.

Brewski0072979d ago

GTA Los Santos Has a nice epic ring to it alright man. Cant wait to hear more info on this.
Hope its a bit lighter than GTA IV , I found liberty city too dark and enclosed. I would love a more open area, something like san andreas had.

Paradicia2979d ago

Oh the irony, considering GTAIV & Red dead were both sub-HD on PS3 whilst they were full 720p on the 360.

Poseidon2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

do grand theft auto tu mexico.

edit:johnny bravo, im talking about killing human trafficers

Johnny_Bravo2979d ago

Its called RDR....amazing game. I love going to Mexico to lasso the Donkeys and drag them around hahahaha

unknownhero11232979d ago

I love killing the donkeys right in front of the owners and beating up said owners then ride away into the sunset.

NYC_Gamer2979d ago

wont be exclusive because everyone should have the chance to play the game on their console/platform of choice

EliteAssass1n2979d ago

stop complaining!! Rockstar is already making Agent. I'm sure that game will use "the PS3's full capability"

Immortal3212979d ago

imagine san andreas with better visuals and added content

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tomy2979d ago

hollywood lol retarded,give us some big city not this --,,--

MRJENKINS2979d ago

How about just making it in san andreas? isnt Hollywood in L.A?

Rot_in_Fail2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I have no idea how big is Hollywood itself, according to wikipedia it's 1 square km smaller than my whole city :)
Hollywood 1:1 maybe would work, maybe not, is there enough variety to host GTA?

Hellsvacancy2979d ago

Y not include all the cities, just hav 1 giant GTA world were u can travel to all the previous cities in 1 game

Mista T2979d ago

that would be cool, but the budget for them would be off the charts.

Mista T2979d ago

its san andreas idiots, it's the most plausible place because of the mention of hollywood.

Fishy Fingers2979d ago

I'd prefer some where completely new, ideally set in another country with radically different architecture.

Otherwise, it's just another similar looking setting with a few different landmarks.

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