Will The 4GB 360 Bundle “KINECT” with consumers?

Well Yet another bundle has been announced for the 360 and its Very Cheap. You get the new Xbox360″Slim”/Kinect/Contro/Ki nect Adventures and a 4GB Flash Drive.

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IRetrouk2915d ago

look we all know kinect will sell, but lets not pretend that it works how it should or even bring anything new to the table.

DA_SHREDDER2915d ago

4 gigs is pathetic. Anyone who says otherwise needs to be eradicated from the gaming industry, and n4g forums.

drsnobby2915d ago

Remember the old arcade had 512mb,i believe you need to do research before making comments like that.were talking about casuals here,they dont care about HDD space and HD games.look at how the wii has been running laps around sony and MS.

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Independent_Charles2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

if it has 512kb of memory a casual would go WOW 512 sound massive!!!

dizzleK2914d ago

i worked at gamestop for a few years. not once did i hear a casual express disgust with nor even inquire about how much memory the wii has. it simply doesn't matter. the ps3 could have a terabyte and it wouldn't matter, they don't care.

MicroSony4Life2914d ago

Which PS3 troll were you before?

Why so much hate for MS.

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DA_SHREDDER2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Exactly Drop Dead. Its not the fact that casuals know of it, its the fact that I can buy a freakin 4 gig sd card for under $10 bucks. They could have just made it 20 gigs, but no, you fuckin fanboys and casuals really dont care if you get ripped off. What the hell is wrong with you people on here?!

Bubbles for you Fred.

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UP2914d ago

is anyone else freaking tired of the KINECT puns.

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