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DelbertGrady3063d ago

In other words old and rehashed by

Rot_in_Fail3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I'm aware of

any more? :D

Rep your SCE! lol

Gero3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

videogameszone = cynamite (same publisher) >>

Blackfire_x83063d ago

There's a SCE for pretty much every country as a turn-to representative. But still they just operate under the main companies for that region.

RageAgainstTheMShine3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Zero Piracy!
Let us see Microsoft (or the toy company Nintendo) copy something like this shall we?
World Domination?

stevenhiggster3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Dunno if you're trying to be funny or not my sarcasm detector isn't working but there is no SCE{France, Poland, Spain, Italy or Portugal} they are all part of SCEE-urope.

Sorry if it was a joke, but if it wasn't, now you know.

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AAACE53062d ago

Looks good and very responsive... but on more than one occasion they have shown people using 2 Move controllers (no sub controller) to play some games!

What's the deal here?

moparful993062d ago

Yes there are some games that CAN utilize two move controllers but, there's only one or two that I can recall which require 2.. But nonetheless, with move sony utilizes options. While you can easily get into the move universe without a large investment you can just as easily expand move to fully take advantage of it.. This is, in my opinion, the beauty of move. For your skeptical fence rider that isn't convinced by move they can essentially get "MOVING", excuse the pun, for less then a 100 dollar investment and if they find that they enjoy the experience they can complete the package without breaking the bank. Add to that with the fact that all first party move titles will be 39.99(CHEAP) and you have a product that sony put alot of thought, design, and creativity into.. People easily forget that sony does stuff like this alllll the time.. This is just one of the reasons I'm loyal to the sony brand. It has nothing to do with being a fanboy it's just that sony's company ethos reflects my beliefs in alot of ways. They're not perfect and I will never claim them to be but, they strive for excellence and they conduct themselves with a great deal of care and passion.. I know there are going to be "THOSE PEOPLE" who read this and automatically write me off as a fanboy and may even try to convince me how evil or bad sony is but the fact is they are a great company despite some of their missteps and they are great because they try to rectify those mistakes and do it honestly.. SO if you don't agree with my statements please respond but don't be ignorant about it...

ActionBastard3063d ago

Sorcery looks like it could be great (and a blast to play). I'll probably re-play RE5 just to check out the Move controls too.

Heisenberg3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Sorcery looks really cool. For someone who doesn't much care for the whole motion controls thing, I'm very excited about the direction Sony seems to be going with it. Just like 3D, motion controls can be used as a cheap gimmick to draw people in to an otherwise sub par story/game while adding nothing to the experience, OR it can be a very cool feature used sparingly and appropriately, helping the user/viewer to become more immersed in the experience.

It all depends on the approach, and once again I'm happy to see Sony pandering to a more adult audience even when the popular thing to do these days is take the easier and perhaps more lucrative (at least in the short term) route of pedaling shovelware to kids and housewives via cheap gimmicks and dishonest ad campaigns.

Zir03063d ago

Does anyone else feel that Sorcery's gameplay looks really shallow?

Zir03063d ago

In what way do you think its deep then?

zootang3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Real time spells? Like the one where he drew a line of fire and then summoned a gust of wind, which he could then direct where he liked.

Any other games have this? Not to mention with motion control?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3063d ago

So far the game doesnt really require too much skill or strategy. I havent seen any puzzles either. Looks really fun but with how easy it is to beat everyone it might get boring.

That being said the game was just revealed. And I'm sure there's alot more to the gameplay. We'll just have to wait. This is still my most anticipated Move game.

Dac2u3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Zir0, I've felt that way since I saw it at E3. The game looks like it was made to showcase the Move and nothing more. I hope it's better than what we're seeing, but I don't think it will be. RedSteel anyone? Well, maybe not THAT bad, but the same general idea.

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BeaArthur3063d ago

I don't think it looks at all interesting either. If it didn't have motion controls nobody would play it.

acky13063d ago

without motion controls nobody would give sorcery a second glance.
with motion controls it looks quite fun but not my cup of tea.

ActionBastard3063d ago

I disagree. The draw is obviously motion, but the arrogant "If it didn't have motion controls nobody would play it." attitude is what's wrong with "gamers". If Limbo was in color, nobody would play it. If Joe Danger had blood, nobody would play it. None of it has anything to do with the quality.

stuna13063d ago

And the sad thing is if it was on the competitions consoles, it would instantly become the best m/c in the universe!
Some people need to give it a rest! Your envy is showing.

BeaArthur3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Action is that opinion arrogant? It's true, nobody would pay $60 or $50 or however much it's going to cost if it wasn't Move compatible. It would be a $15 arcade title at best. case your comment was directed at me, I own all 3. Oh, and I'm not getting Kinect either. My envy is showing? Your desperate grasping at an over priced peripheral is showing.

wanaraceu3063d ago

Well the whole point of that game is using motion controls. As they are now able to add extra bits of game play That would make it realy fun

zootang3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )


Just to point out, Move titles cost $40.

Sevir043063d ago

I don't get you at all. That's just like saying no one would care about RE5 if it wasn't for motion controls.... oh wait!

Ju3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

" It would be a $15 arcade title at best".

It amazes me, how people can evaluate this after a couple of seconds from a presentation video without having played the game or having been part of that presentation themselves.

Nobody would say that about Demon's Souls. And yet, I am pretty sure, most of the people here didn't care about that game. Certainly not before the game actually released.

Or is the opposite stereotype true: Because it uses Move it must be casual ? /s

BTW: That said, I would like to see a Move patch for Demon's Souls.

n4gno3062d ago

It's a stupid statement, it's like "nobody would play crysis without guns" "nobody would play wii sport without wiimote"

yeah, of course, and ? the fact is the game is playable with move, the more accurate motion controler soon available, so if you like it, buy it, if you don't like it, don't.. nobody cares.

moparful993062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

You may or may not be right, thats subjective but, this game was designed for move. This is why it works for move, Also I really don't think this is targeted to everyone. It doesn't look interesting to you? Cool I can respect that but, that doesn't dimish the fact that alot of people do. I'm looking forward to it because it has some interesting mechanics like the spell casting and the shape shifting potions.. I mean isn't that we try new games, new experiences right? This feels fresh eventhough it may not be very deep. I'm cool with that and its nice to know this is a 40 dollar game as oppossed to a full fledged 60 dollar game that we demand depth from.. Less risk means higher likely-hood that you might enjoy the game.. Just my 2 cents..

EDIT... Above^^^^ Guys this is the reason there is alot of hatred on this site. BeaArthor gave his opinion, and while it wasnt a well worded opinion, this is how he feels. Instead of discussing and trying to assist him in finding value with the game everyone is spitting venom. Look I want to play this game just as much as you all do but we can be civil about this, yes? I think we could make this site really enjoyable if we acted on this notion.. Sure there are alot of idiots on this site that shouldn't be allowed to comment but instead of stiring the pot and saying hateful things, which propogates into all out battles, why not just ignore and go on or at least use some restraint and logic in approaching these people.. Think about it.

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Qui-Gon Jim3063d ago

I don't expect it to be very deep, but it does look like fun to me.

Johnny_Bravo3063d ago

To me it looked like a "cool" version of Harry Potter...if that's possible I don't even know.

bjornbear3063d ago

but I wouldn't say its shallow.

its solid and convincing at best

DigitalAnalog3063d ago

Maybe on a normal gamepad. The fact that motion controls are always being questioned, it's games like these that alleviates any fears or skeptics regarding the device. This is why I prefer playing SHH on the Wii rather on the PSP or PS2.

-End statement

stuna13063d ago

If the shoe fits then wear it! Whether you get one or the other is n concern of mines, but take in cosideration those who will buy one or the other like me I'll buy move because as of now it's showing more promise of what can be done as of now. No grasping at straws or what have you. Really there is no major price differences for what it's shown to do, too bad I can't say the same for the competition and what it's shown not to do!

Keltik823062d ago

I'm going to take that as sarcasm because that is actually to dumb of a comment to make fun of. How in the hell does that gameplay look shallow?

Heisenberg3062d ago

in fact it looks absolutely scrumtrulescent.....

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VersusEM3063d ago

I cant wait 4 Playstation Move, its weird at first I really didnt care about it, but now Im just so pumped 4 it.

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