XMB To Support "Chatroom" Feature

A snapshot has showed up in the PSU forums of a PS3's XMB layout, but not just any ordinary shot. This shot shows a "Chatroom" feature underneath the friends icon section of the cross media bar. The question is whether this is an early preview or really good photoshop work. As usual we will all wait for a debunk or confirmation from Sony themselves.

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Lord Anubis3910d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Its not a photoshoped image. I have a similar image because I made a similar argument before.

You can find that feature in the early PS3 kiosk in stores. Although, when you click it says its not functional.

although, I didn't realize it before its also on the XMB when you are engaged on a chat with different people.

MikeGdaGod3909d ago

this is nothing new

if ur talking to someone in a chatroom and push the PS button u will see this icon.

this has been like this since day 1!

no photoshop, no fake................u people r f*ckin stupid

Agriel3910d ago

its not photoshoped, it says that when you are in a voice chat with someone, so really its just stupid

Fighter3910d ago

I will just have to wait for the next update to find out.

Agriel3910d ago

its not a Firmware update or anything, its like that now. Its just not "chat" like IRC. It is a voice chat room. its been like this forever. Just try sending a chat invite to a friend press the PS button and its on your menu. So not fake just someone thats really stupid

MaximusPrime3910d ago

it is photoshopped.

But it will be cool if there is a messenger feature coming for PS3.

MACHone3910d ago

No one's listening to you, Agriel. The verdict's in: it's clearly photoshop.

MACHone3910d ago

Apparently, no one picked up on my sarcasm....

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The story is too old to be commented.