Hot Shots Golf 5 Event No So Hot

This Sunday saw a Hot Shots Golf 5 rally event in front of the Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara - a location prime for foot traffic. The series has traditionally been extremely popular in Japan, and the players in that day's rally would get Hot Shots goods. According to Akiba Blog, no one apparently came as staffers in white shirts stood out front waiting. All this is trivial! The Hot Shots Golf 5 PS3 bundle has moved some more machines for Sony. That's what really matters and not some game rally. Right? Right?!

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Vojkan3781d ago

Kotaku nerd at it again.

Lord Anubis3781d ago

They always say the same things about event/launches. Except for the fact that they always report those things before the actual events start.

Husso3781d ago

Why does crap form those kotaku retards get cleared to be posted on here.

How about some freaking standards people.

krackchap3781d ago

any ps3 bashing news either comes from 1up or kotaku,i bet this week kotaku will run another ms4 on 360 article

Captain Tuttle3781d ago

Doesn't mean there's a conspiracy. You don't see normal gamers crying about bias in the gaming media, it's only the fanboys. If you just want to read all good news about your system go to a PS3 fansite or a 360 one. Don't look for that crap here and don't whine when some bad news gets posted about "your" console.

VaeVictus3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

1Up is bad, Kotaku is much worse w/ the PS3 hate. Destructoid is the level all PS3 haters strive to ascend to.

djt233781d ago

what the hell you are talk about 1up hate the wii and ps3

this not no bashing news Japaneses always do this when a game out hot girl showing off they goodies to sell a game
it is smart that sony put Hot Shots Golf 5 in a package with ps3

Anego Montoya FTMFW3781d ago

Well, sales are SO.............

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The story is too old to be commented.