Xboxic Editorial: 5 Reasons Why Kinect Is Likely To Flop

Xboxic writes: "The lackluster sales of such poor efforts to court the casual audience as Scene It? and You’re In The Movies made Microsoft realize that it will need something far more eye-catching to turn heads and take the industry by storm. Its answer to Nintendo’s triumphant Wii is Project Natal or Kinect, as it’s now called, a controller-free, motion sensing add-on peripheral. As thrilling and promising as Kinect is, however, I can’t help but notice that Microsoft’s all-out strategy of market expansion is riddled with some glaring flaws."

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HorsePowerr3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I dont know if it'll flop but Kinect is way overpriced to be a smash hit.

Poseidon3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

i second that

Brewski0073062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

I'll third that ! :P

Seriously i dont have the money to buy any more accessories, not when theres great games gonna start coming out toward the end of the year.
Kinect will be just an expensive christmas novelty for all the grannies , grandads, grandkids and parents to use when everyone is finished stuffing their face with turkey.

raWfodog3062d ago

I don't think it'll flop either. I'm more interested in Move myself but the Wii has shown that sometimes older tech can kick ass.

Conloles3062d ago

It will flop because it sucks

pustulio3062d ago

If people will buy Halo: Reach Legendary edition or Crysis 2 CE then a lot of people will buy this.

I think is WAY too overpriced, at $99 it would have been OK but seriously some people tought it would be $50! i mean... lol cheaper than a game itself? tss... It's MS fools.

MuleKick3062d ago

This coming from an Xbox fan site. Microsoft may really have their hands full with Kinect.

Anon19743062d ago

It's not so much Kinect itself, it's that damn price and the timing that are the problem. Had it come out when the 360 first launched it probably would have been a huge success. Now, it's a camera add-on that's the price of a Wii alone - yet plays games that are almost identical. No casual is going to pay $300 for and Xbox/Kinect bundle when the can purchase a Wii, get pretty much the same experience and get family friendly, familiar titles like Super Mario, Mario Kart, along with their dance and fitness games. Microsoft is simply too late to the party and too expensive to have a major impact in my opinion.

PITTBULL833062d ago

Really wow the first 10 comments are a bunch MS haters,
either way just look at all the people that bought the Wii,
I don't really see it floping IMO, but if it does then no big deal we still have our consoles and pc's


raWfodog3061d ago

One of those disagrees is from me because I didn't hate on MS in my comment :) Have a nice day!

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Mr_Bun3062d ago

It's not about's not about the number of players. It's about games, and right now Kinect has sh*t for games. Even the wii, which is aimed at casuals, still has some core games.

avengers19783062d ago

60 dollar games, that should be 40, oh and the sub-par early line up of games.
Only two players for Kinect.

IMO there isn't a single Kinect game worth getting, not one, and since they have not shown it working with an actually game(like sony did with LBP2 or Socom4 and move) one can only deduce that Kinect won't have those capabilities.

Omega43062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Why does everyone say Kinect its $150?

Its $299 for 2 players Vs $199 for Wii (+$99 if you include Wii Fit) Vs $399 for Move. The success of Kinect all comes down to advertising, thats what made the DS big, the Wii big, Halo big, MW2 big. Hype and advertising is enough to make it succeed and MS got lots of it.

If you think Kinect will flop then Move has no chance in hell bringing in the casuals.

So you are trying to tell me that Move will give PS3 a bigger hardware increase than Kinect will give 360. And that Move will outsell Kinect? Is that what you are trying to tell me? Seriously? Cause if you are, WOW just WOW. If you really think a causal will spend $500+ for a PS3 to play 2 player games identical to the $199 Wii you are crazy.

Bringing up that 4 player thing again eh? Try getting 4 people in a room lined up to play a motion controlled game and tell me that a 2 player limit is a bad thing :)

And why does everyone keep trying to bring up faults with Kinect when its not even out it got 4 months to go and even after that it can update its firmware. You guys are getting so desperate these days lol.

Chromer3062d ago

Once again wrong. Kinect might get the advertising but in the end, once families start realizing the better value they could get with a PS3 or even a Wii, Kinect will be a hard sell. Having to constantly stand up to play any games, needing 6ft of space to play, can't wear skirts, the possibility of Kinect not being able to track darker skinned people, only support for 2 players, AND IT STILL LAGS. Are you honestly going to be so blinded to see the chips are heavily stacked against Kinect?

Let's not be naive Omega.

brazilianbumpincher3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )


im sorry im so sick of omega,you are the worst fanboy ive seen,stop sucking ms dick and get a f**king life,i have a 360 but like all companies theres good and bad points,you spin everything its f**king annoying

kinect is pants and once word gets around from consumers who have bought it it will flop and i cant wait for it to flop because i want microsoft to get back to giving me GAMES not this skittles crap, i couldnt give a sh*t about sales i have no shares in microsoft just an interest in what they are giving me to play on my new 360s which despite what people say i think looks amazing

OSU_Gamer3062d ago

I don't think Kinect will go anywhere but no family is going to get better value from a PS3 even remotely as much as a Wii. They may get a BluRay player out of it, but on the games side, PS3 only has a few casual games that they don't already have on the Wii. If you think casual gamers are going to buy a PS3 and Move to play another version of Wii Sports more accurately... I would say you are completely wrong.

I really like Move and as a hardcore gamer I will probably be getting it, but Move will not take off with casuals, and I will guarantee it.

zootang3062d ago


Casual gamers want to be able to play hardcore games. Move allows them this. I think that was one of the biggest selling points of the Wii

OSU_Gamer3062d ago

I agree that it is a great way to allow casual gamers to play hardcore games...but I don't they will buy a new PS3 and move to do it, especially since they already probably already have a Wii.

Just my opinion though. I could be wrong.

3062d ago
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ArcFatalix3062d ago

Move has better games.

You dont belive that seriously? WOW just WOW

Johnny_Bravo3062d ago

That doesn't matter because Move has better games? Well PS3 and Xbox have better games than the Wii, but Wii puts both the 360 and PS3 to shame in terms of sales.

IRetrouk3062d ago

Move works, Kinect doesnt, get over it, you are making yourself look bad now, you know cause like, everyone has seen that Kinect is a laggy piece of 10 year old tech with a 3d camera, and they have also seen some magic wands that, you know, work.

mrv3213062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

A family has more than two players? Why not 3 or 4, I swear people made a big deal about Natal doing 4 players what happened to that? Oh right Natal can't do 4 player... so now the big number is 2.

'If you think Kinect will flop then Move has no chance in hell bringing in the casuals. '

Erm it's going more for the hard core.

Omega4 I can be almost certain, by the end of 2010 I can almost guarantee more PS3 owner have motion than 360. If I win you have to leave this site... how does that sound?

$500+ I'd like to see your math... A PS3 is $299 with a drop likely. Eyetoy+Move+game=$99 and then a move+sub=80 SO the VERY most you are looking at is $480, let alone after a possible price drop.

@Omega4... trying to get 4 people in a room to play Natal? You mean like her

'Try getting 4 people in a room lined up to play a motion controlled game and tell me that a 2 player limit is a bad thing :) '

A 2 player limit is a bad thing, here's two options

1. A 2 player limit
2. A 4 player limit with the option to only have 2 players.

Let's say and imagine this, that there's a family... how many people would that be usually? 3 or 4... hence why 4 is a good number.

And why does everyone keep trying to bring up faults with Kinect when its not even out it got 4 months to go and even after that it can update its firmware. You guys are getting so desperate these days lol. '

You mean like you IN EVERY MOVE article? So you telling me people can't bring up genuine flaws with a piece of hardware which costs a lot of money is unfair. What happened since last E3... with Natal, it had features removed 4 months... if it's as popular as you think they'll have to start production soon, they are pretty close to the final product and firmware can only fix so little.

Johnny_Bravo3062d ago

PS3 have a price drop? HAHAHAAHAHAHA riiiiight.

stuna13062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Just take this as an example; Me I've been gaming say 30yrs. I was playing a game called Flower which utilizes the six-axis controller, and that is in actually motion control. Well my wife she's your so called casual market! She wanted to play it when she saw me moving my controller around in front of me, now occasionally she'll ask me about the game. What I'm saying is most household are made up of hardcore and casual markets in themselves. People need to take a look at this scenario deeply, because whether they realise it or not sony has already primed their market in advance just by releasing something as simple as the six-axis controller.
OT; I think microsoft may have seriously limited their sales potential just by using the tagline "You are the controller". Just by using that phrase, they have imposed a limit on their own product.

Why o why3062d ago

give it a rest.

Its obvious your an employee of or related to MS

MS do have em......its been proven so why wouldnt they put somebody on the forums...honestly. Media manipulation is what they do better than many.

Optical_Matrix3062d ago

Oh lord have mercy. EVERYONE SAYS ITS $150 BECAUSE IT'S $150!!!!! What the f*ck more reason do you want? Get MS's willy out of you and wake up. You fail to understand how the consumer market works. $150 is Kinect's entry price. That means when it comes up in adverts, casual consumer will see that price before anything else. Then you look at say Move, in the UK, entry price is a mere £50 which Sony will advertise. That's more appealing to the casual consumer as it's the FIRST THING THEY SEE. Once they buy it, they will invest in all the extra parts to get the full experience...try and tell me i'm wrong because last time I checked the 360 fanbase constantly feeds MS's pockets by buying their overpriced acessories...and why do they do it? Because they've already made an investment in a 360.

Kinect's problem is that it's entry price, the price that will be advertised, isn't appealing at face value. Where as something like Move, although yes, it's expensive in the long run, that £50 that will be shown in the adverts is what will attract consumers who, once bought, will invest in extra bits. Why do you think Wii motes, Wii Wheels and Wii Fit,Wii Fit Plus all sell so well.

Zir03062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

MS will likely advertise the bundle not the standalone as will Sony too. They don't want new owners going into a shop thinking the can get a PS3 and Move for £50 and then find out it like £300 that will turn them right off.

If you live in the UK you would know that at the end of their ads they usually show how much the console is (£249) and if a causal sees the Kinect bundle price (£249 too) they will choose Kinect over Move since it will look cheaper.

So its not about entry price its about "bundle" entry price, which Kinect wins in.

Darth_Bane793062d ago

I think Omega and GreenRingOfLife are the same person... They both are always trolling in every single article they can..

danfry3062d ago

The thing is, Kinect is neither one thing or the other. It will not appeal to the hardcore because of the lack of accuracy and will not appeal to causals because of the cost.

It's in limbo = doomed!

avengers19783062d ago

Where do you get PS Move is 399 dollars. 99.99 for Controller, Camera, and Sports Champions game. add 40 for another controller and 30 for the navigator. So 170.

oldjadedgamer3062d ago

Wii does four players... Just sayin

otherZinc3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Perfect Post.

People saying Kinect will fail, are either stupid, fanboy, or doesnt know motion control isnt for the hardcore.

For the nuts that think Skittles the Tiger wont sell doesnt know what a 7 year old girl wants:
For those nuts that think that fitness game wont sell doesnt understand what a Soccer Mom wants in a fitness game- thats working out without a controller in her hand.
For those nuts that think that Dance game wont be played by every young girl in the world is kidding themselves.

Kinect & other Motion devices are not for us the hardcore but Nintendo found a market that Kinect will capitalize non this Winter.

Kinect will sell 3+million units & 3 of the 14 or 15 released games will sell more than 1million units by January 1.

Kinect is going to be a Major Hit, you can bet on that!

Also, Kinect is priced perfectly:
Wii $199- needs another set of controllers or Wii Fit
Move $99 for 1 controller & camera + Move $50 to play boxing game + navi + another set for player 2:
Then another 300 for a PS3!

Kinect is complete for 2 players at $299, period!

n4gno3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

YOu can also buy a ps2 with eye toy, and you ll have same experience than kinect, if you want to pay less, for having the worst :)

Price is not the only thing who count, wii was a success because it was the good time to launch a "cheap" (not so cheap) console with motion control, nothing else, but now, with price cut, ps3 have the same price than wii (at launch) and it's not in the same league, hardware, graphics, functionality, games, and bluray ! people can't ignore that to upgrade (they just have to be informed)

by the way, the problem for us is not "will it flop or not", some bad movies, consoles, games, are successfull when good one failed, or sold not enough (most people are uneducated), bad product have to flop, and good one, not ! it's the only thing normal people, and gamers should care about. so, with all the previews we had from unbiased sites, not a single gamers should want kinect successfull and not move.

3dawg3062d ago

i hate to say this but omega is right move ain't attracting a whole lot of casual gamers coz they have a wii for that; but see the thing about move is that they're trying to sell it to hardcore gamers as well by adding the features to some games they might already own and making games that would take advantage of it. i cant say the same about kinect though, until they convinced me that you can move your character freely like you would using a controller its just too basic. ever tried using your computer with just a mouse? well if you havent its like that something is missing and it can get frustrating.

ChronoJoe3062d ago


I was paging down, and I thought I glimpsed Omegas name... sure enough. Ever hillarious. I think it's the teen Xi avatar that makes you funny though, coupled with saying stupid things.

"And why does everyone keep trying to bring up faults with Kinect when its not even out it got 4 months to go and even after that it can update its firmware. You guys are getting so desperate these days lol."

Lines like this. Classic. So it's okay to release hardware that doesn't work properly so long as you'll try to fix it later down the road? You've been treated so terribly as a consumer if that's what you've come to deem acceptable, Omega. That aside, software side modifications aren't going to change the basis of the tech, and the latencies it produces.

Microsoft Xbox 3603061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

"The success of Kinect all comes down to advertising"

Do you know how pathetic that sounds? You are banking on expensive advertisements to predetermine your enjoyment with Kinect. What happened to the games? Wii sold alot because it had WiiSports and Mario. DS sold alot because it had many app-like games and of course Mario. Halo sells big because it sports a great hardcore online experience and is a well put together FPS. MW2 sold big because the gameplay is accessible to casuals gamers and hardcore as well. Believing the sole reason to success is marketing is retarded. The product still needs to deliver.

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Colonel-Killzone3062d ago

Sigh this is a kind of flamebait article. My only thing with Kinect is

1. The Price
2. The Games that will be released for it and how many are truly "hardcore".

3dawg3062d ago

hence it will potentially sell bad. i mean how can you pay for something that doesn't give you anything? its like going to a fancy restaurant that serves nothing but appetizers nothing on the plate. just paying for the ambiance.

timmyrulz3062d ago

Im sure i read an article like this yesterday and the day before and the day before that, in fact come to think of it i have read this article everyday since E3.

Please would someone post some news instead of the same tired old bullsh1t, posting all these articles wont have any bearing on wether or not Kinect will be successful

RealityCheck3062d ago

I agree, the worst part is that it is over 3 months away so there will be a ton more until then. Being over 3 months away I hope MS. Will have more games to preview, I would like to see more of the planned second wave of games.

harrisk9543062d ago

You have seen article after article about Kinect and most of them have been negative. What I find interesting about this article in particular is the fact that it comes from an Xbox site! It really doesn't look good for Kinect when even the MS faithful don't think it will work and don't like the direction that MS is going with the Xbox.

It has been the complete opposite with Move. Move has had non-stop articles posted on here, but most of them have been positive. Sony is focusing on the hardcore and the casual. They are also making Move compatible with existing games, which will make many people buy it to see how it plays. And Move games themselves are priced at $40, as opposed to $50 or $60 for Kinect games.

I personally think that MS should have held back the release of the new Xbox slim to coincide with the release of Kinect. MS missed out on that spike where it could have bundled Kinect in and gotten many more Kinect into people's hands. After spending money on a new Xbox, how many people are going to now go out and spend another $150, plus games?

I have no doubt that there will be a lot of Kinect sold initially, because people are like sheep (just look at the iPhone), but Kinect is a flash in the pan and will join HD-DVD in the discount section after the holiday season. I am also interested to see how many returns there are of Kinect after the holidays.

Philaroni3062d ago

Too be honest I cant see myself getting ether, lots of games I want to get this year and getting both this and Move would set me back enough $$$ to get quite a few games. Move I'd like to get for echochrome II and a few others but like I said, I'd rather get 2 more games instead. Both are a hard sell for me this late in the game.