David Jaffe Addressing Twisted Metal Concerns

David Jaffe addresses fan concerns over Twisted Metal PS3's exclusion of any of the series' familiar characters.

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Shubhankar3064d ago

It's Twisted Metal, it can't be bad.

gameseveryday3064d ago

Not necessarily. Games can be good or bad. But David Jaffe is too good to mess this up.

HorsePowerr3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I'm confused.

- Ghost of Sparta -3064d ago

The only real complaint I have about it is the T rating. Honestly, it's enough to put me off from buying it. I loved Twisted Metal Black for how mature it was and now they're aiming this one at kids? Sorry Jaffe, but you can go fuck yourself.

Shmotz3064d ago

Which is why Black was the first and only TM ti get an M rating while the rest of the series was T.

Good job.

Cevapi883064d ago

Jaffe said that while Black was the best rated TM game in the series, the M rating made it the least sold out of the series as well...that was the main reason behind the T rating, they want as many players to be able to enjoy the game, especially online because he loves Team Play and strategy between gamers...and another thing is, if you saw the video at Comic Con, the live action pieces looked really dark, plus Sweet Tooth still looks menacing...i like the look of it, i cant wait for 2011

Blaze9293064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

I agree with Ghost of Sparta about this games T rated goal. TM Black was the best Twisted Metal ever critically and in my opinion. It's been years since TM Black came out and those who grew up on TM...GREW UP!

So you have to wonder who this game is being made for: fans or a new age of gamers? I'd rather have an M rated Twisted Metal than some bright colored T rated TM.

I mean you take the highest critically acclaimed TM game and completely go in the opposite direction so the game can sell more copies? Blow to the fans. Or me at least.

As Ghost said; Jaffe can go fuck himself....if this is even Jaffe's idea to make it Teen. Maybe it's sony's.

FwanK3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Twisted Metal 2 had T Rating and is the best Twisted Metal ever made...

Megaton3064d ago

Like Schmotz said, every entry in the series but Black was rated T. I think everyone who "grew up playing TM" was playing it years before Black came along. Everyone I know ranks TM2 as the best in the series.

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thereapersson3064d ago

As much as I played it, Twisted Metal III definitely was the worst of the series.

liveActionLeveler3064d ago

3 and 4 are hated so much, but I love them! and black, and head on, and hopefully this too!

DuneBuggy3064d ago

LOl..You obviously never played Twisted Metal III Shubhankar.
But Jaffe wasnt involved in it.

Persistantthug3064d ago

Many of them seem to really be "in tune" to their fans.

Maybe it just seems that way, but it's something that seems noticeable.

DuneBuggy3064d ago

You call making me wait almost a DECADE for another installment of metal mashing mayhem, being "in tune with their fans"?

Persistantthug3064d ago

But keep in mind,

I said the DEVELOPERS Sony Employs seem to be "in tune"....not necessarily Sony themselves.

For all intents and purposes, Sony is just the "pimp", in a manner of speaking.

However, Sony's women are very hot and Sony really knows how to pick em. lol

JasonXE3064d ago

so is this still like, a $59.99 title? The more this guy reveals information about this game the more it seems like this could and probably should be just a downloadable $39.99 game at most.

inception1233064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

1. 3 stories with multiple ending for each one(more then every game except heavy rain this gen)

2. 2 to 4 player split screen on and offline

3. 16 player online with lots of game modes

that is more then you get with most games but i guess when you don't know what you're talking about it is hard to miss.

webeblazing3064d ago

yea u see that alot on here when it comes to ps3 games

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Poseidon3064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

get em boys

alphakennybody3064d ago

me thing people nag too much. He was so excited to talk about the game during his panel, I'm sure this game will be great.

MariaHelFutura3064d ago

Concerns? This game has Split-screen online. My concerns have been dealt with.

xYLeinen3064d ago

This whole communication with developers and fans are getting out of hand. Let the developers make their game. If anyone know what they are doing it's them and not necessarily the fan base. I'm sure fans got a bunch of bright and very good ideas but it's not your job in the end to implement those ideas and make the game.

It's hard to be a fan and not express concerns and thoughts on upcoming titles, but in this particular scenario, it's Jaffe who's making the game. Do you really need to come with a bunch of concerns at all?

Developers learn a lot more from their previous games rather than the people playing the games. If he says it's gonna be the best TM ever made I believe simply believe his word and stop "expressing to much concern". And for the haters, that's NOT being ignorant, it's having faith in the developers.

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