D+PAD Magazine: Hydro Thunder Hurricane Reviewed

D+PAD Magazine writes:

It’s been a long time since we last indulged in some nautical thrills and spills with the racing genre, and if Vector Unit’s attempt to revitalise Hydro Thunder proves anything, it’s that the absence of such games has been wholly unwarranted. The term ‘wet and wild’ pretty much covers it, for while there can be little question of the game’s graphical limitations (though it is a great looking download), the promise of fun in a watery world is made all the more tempting due to its release window, making it the perfect candidate to splash down on Xbox Live during the Summer of Arcade season. It may still have its share of problems but anyone seeking to break the annual dearth with an enjoyable racer should look no further, as Hydro Thunder Hurricane is the game for you.

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