No change to Euro PS3 Starter Pack offer

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told that there are no plans to phase out the current PlayStation 3 Starter Pack bundle in the region, despite its Australian counterpart ending the offer later this month.

SCEE has moved quickly to assure European consumers that the move does not affect other PAL regions, with a spokesperson confirming "there is absolutely no time limit on that offer in Europe."

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djt233729d ago

lol lol feel something in force
your bundle will end soon

the_bebop3729d ago

Once again we here in Australia get screwd over. Again.

DrWan3729d ago

just import US pS3 and buy US bluRay movies, problem solved...but local Aussie bluRay won't work -_-

Gorgon3729d ago

This bundle is worthless anyway, unless you're interested in the those particular games. I'm not. Unless the PS3 goes down to 500 Euros or less at my local retailer, Sony can just lick my ass.