Top-10 games to smash your gamepad against the wall

Are you smashing your gamepad against the wall after beeing ownd by 12-year old kiddies? Videogameszone is! They show their top-10 games to smash gamepads against walls.

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Poseidon3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

there are some really good online players in demons souls i'll tell you that.

Johnny_Bravo3061d ago

Trials HD can be pretty frustrating at times. I'm surprised Demons Soul's isn't on that list though.

Robearboy3061d ago

I dont mind been owned by 12 year olds as long as its fair and square, but when it comes to glitching bastardz i would not only like to smash the control pad on the wall but also in the face of the glitcher followed by a samdam hussain style throttling with the plug in and play wire

moe843061d ago

Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wii. If you have anger issues, don't use the Wiimote... or smoke a lot of pot first!

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