Medal of Honor: Airborne - multiplayer hands-on

Get ready to watch the skies - or drop out of them - in fast, intimately chaotic team skirmishes.

If you've ever played a World War II-themed shooter in your life, then you already have a basic idea of what to expect from the multiplayer action in Medal of Honor: Airborne. Playing as either an Allied or Axis soldier, you'll skulk through war-torn cities and villages, battling the other team through streets and the ruins of shelled houses for kills and/or control points.

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Captain Tuttle3943d ago

I think this game just got bumped up on my buy list a little bit. Small, tight, multilevel maps. Sounds like a blast to play with the right people. And I really like the original way the Allies spawn.

jinn3943d ago

the multiplayer is just completely a failure. no cooperative campaign. enough said.

zonetrooper53942d ago

If its better than the crappy game known as Rising Sun then I will be happy.