FIFA Team 'Mad Crazy Pro Evo Fans'

FIFA 11 producer David Rutter has admitted that he and his team aren't afraid to play a bit of PES along with their own game.

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Conloles2983d ago

Its good that they play the competitions game, now they know how much better their game is

ChibletZ2983d ago

I'm blowing my brains out.

SephireX2983d ago

Yippee! Everybody loves everybody!

garos822983d ago

om glad they pushing their games to the limit, it seems to me as though fifa is evolving and pro is devolving :(

will we soon get to see fifa x pro and pro x fifa soon :P

PopEmUp2983d ago

don't be sure about that, Pes 2011 seem to be very promising gameplay looking great

garos822983d ago

have they shown gameplay yet?

PopEmUp2982d ago

check youtube it been on there for like almost a month now, I thought I would be disappointed, but it seem they improve, but I still not holding high hope on it but in the mean time what seen, it look pretty good especially the animation and tactic/feature