VideoGamer: WRC Hands-On

It's been five years since the last WRC game, but that's not to say the rally genre as a whole has been neglected in that time. Far from it, in fact; Codemasters has seen great success with the Colin McRae DiRT series, but its arcadey feel and extreme branding have alienated more serious rally fans. While WRC is a return to the in-depth simulations of yesteryear, it still welcomes rally fans who lack the supernatural motor skills required to play without assists. "It's realistic and accessible" explains Fabio Paglianti, Director on the game, who was keen to stress that WRC is only as hard as you make it for yourself.

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PoSTedUP3068d ago

The, Real, Driving Simulator.... no no no, wait thats not right.

game looks good tho.