Get A Sega Genesis With Games For $2,300

"I don’t understand why people feel the need to take their old console and then sell it for a bunch of money. Just because your game console is old, does not make it collectible. Today I bring you the “Sega Genesis and 45 games!” For the low low price of $2,300 you can get the following:

* sega genesis console
* A/C adapter and connector cable
* 2 working controllers
* 45 games

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RockmanII73066d ago

I really want to put my old Gameboy Color up there along with like 3 games for $1000. What is there to lose?

ZombieAutopsy3066d ago

Hell i still have my original Gameboy with Tetris i think 20,000 sounds about right.

Besides their is a Uniques Gift Shop about 35 minutes from where i use to live and you could buy just about every console thats ever been made and each one was under 75$

dizzleK3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

realistically you'd get maybe $100 for that considering it's pretty much all common as dirt titles. cram your sob story, chump. shit is tough all over.

codyodiodi3066d ago

Did that for the $35,000 NES, put down $50,000 for it and made big news on Destructoid. I wouldn't recommend it.