Lair's new video - visiting Factor 5

Very good video about Lair and dev Factor5 studios. Check it out.

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achira3913d ago

this game is damn awesome! cant wait for it.

WaggleLOL3913d ago

The poor little Xbots at EGM/1Up just keep getting owned over and over again as real gamers and gaming press get their hands on Lair.

My 1080p set is ready for some insane Lair action.

richie007bond3913d ago

Grow up,Xbots lol what are you 5.Gaming is for everyone regardless of what console you have,just enjoy the games and enough with the pathetic taunting which just makes you seem like a right Twat...

WaggleLOL3913d ago

"Gaming is for everyone regardless of what console you have"

Yes dummy, gaming sites shouldn't be cesspools of console fanboys like EGM/1Up is.

Killzone Liberation
Killzone 2

Just to name four of the most recent attempts at trashing Sony games from the pathetic little Xbot punks at EGM/1Up in their attempts to get hired away to Microsoft like previous Xbots who worked have before.

Now gamers are getting fed up and the trashing of Lair is backfiring on the poor little EGM/1Up fanboys as everyone sees what a complete joke the site is - let alone the laughable 'reviews'...

Lumbo3913d ago

i will withhold any rating until i have first hand seen it either as demo or as full game. I did not like Drakenguard, so Lair will have some way to go to convince me i should buy. But a Demo was promised, so i will check it out.

Close_Second3913d ago

...I am about to give up on this site because of all the flame wars and immature digs at one console or another. If Lair is a great game then fantastic, if not, so what. The only ones who suffer from the release of a crap game is the developer and publisher.

Even though I own a 360 (will get a PS3 when they are more affordable), I will say that until I see games that seem as effortlessly impressive as Lair and Motorstorm on the 360 then I dare say the PS3 is superior. Thats not to say the 360 is not a capable piece of hardware, its just saying that the PS3 is (probably) capable of that little bit more...

Bathyj3913d ago

I like this guy. You can tell he's passionate about his work and that why the results speak for themselves. This will be the best looking game yet. 1080p, YUM.

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The story is too old to be commented.