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Submitted by gaminoz 2025d ago | review

OXCGN’s Steal It For 360 (Kinect): Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)


"As with all our Steal It For 360 reviews this one looks at an exclusive game not available to Xbox owners to find out if it would have been desirable enough a game to wish it had been. In this case, would it have been a game Xbox owners would have enjoyed on Kinect? Yes we know that Mario is a Nintendo license and it would never happen…but that’s the point of wishing." (Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wii)
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gaminoz  +   2025d ago
Mario on Kinect would be great! Not going to happen though...
N4GAddict  +   2025d ago
I don't know about that.
SnuggleBandit  +   2025d ago
Ya, how in the eff would that work??
Moentjers  +   2025d ago
waving arms and legs for more than one hour might be to tired instead of using a controller
Spenok  +   2024d ago
Agreed, i highly doubt it would work properly.
GWAVE  +   2025d ago
Super Mario Galaxy has more than four basic control inputs.

So, it wouldn't even work on Kinect.
gaminoz  +   2025d ago
Well they'd obviously have to adapt it to work with arm waving and body movement...
MisterNiwa  +   2025d ago
How do you even move in a 3rd Person Game / 1st Person Game with Kinect?

I can only imagine it as Rail-Games.
Dac2u  +   2025d ago
It could work on Kinect, but they'd have to develop some type of controller. I dunno, maybe something the cameras can recognize, like a glowing ball with buttons or something.
Rucury  +   2025d ago
I see what you did there!
Baka-akaB  +   2025d ago
lol unlike the cutesy look that makes so many people believe otherwise , every mario games , bare the party kind spin offs , are quite extremely hardcore and features a very tight and polished gameplay .

It is kinda an insult to even think mario would suit kinect in such way
BadCircuit  +   2025d ago
I'm a bit sick of Mario myself, but the gameplay of the games keeps on attracting!

I think Kinect should try and find some 'character' that people associate with it like Nintendo has with Mario.
N4GAddict  +   2025d ago
Milo maybe?
gaminoz  +   2025d ago
Not cartoony enough?
Godem  +   2025d ago
Galaxy too has been good fun, its unfortunate that I think this would be a lot more fun without the motion control.
Belgavion  +   2025d ago
It's a me a Milio!
gaminoz  +   2025d ago
King Hippo  +   2025d ago
Steal it for the 360
Cause the 360 has no games.
stragomccloud  +   2025d ago
What the hell are you talking about? 360 has games! It has Halo! ...and....hmm....uh... well.. can't think of anything else at the moment....will have to get back to you later. ....yep

Of course I kid. I love my 360 too.
Arnon  +   2025d ago
Right... and Uncharted 2 is the best game ever made. Lol, ran out of trolling ideas, so he uses the lines that have haunted him for years now.

There yuh go.
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MariaHelFutura  +   2025d ago

Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2025d ago
Mario is more sophisticated than Kinect. It won't work.
eggbert  +   2025d ago
this is like the 2nd or 3rd article i've seen about
getting Mario or some sort of Mario-esque type character/experience on the xbox 360 through the use of kinect.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows Mario is staying on Nintendo unless they go broke (which they won't anytime soon), so the most you can expect is for Microsoft to try and replicate a successful flagship character for Kinect. Maybe it'll be a Greek plumber, no one really knows.

I'm expecting both Microsoft and Sony to create a boatload of random characters to promote their new motion control products. PS Move will already be getting a bunch of the major exclusives down the line, so I'd expect Microsoft to release an On Rails version of Halo sometime in the future to try to get halo fans to purchase the peripheral.
Shnazzyone  +   2025d ago
this article is awful.
I thought he would be detailing a wonderful fantasy of a galaxy game with kinect retardery... yet all he does is demonstrate he has watched all the preview vids and read the articles about it. Careful to parrot every negative thing he can dig up without having to play the game.

Either that or he's one of those people who isn't old enough to appreciate a high quality 3d platformer. It's also nice to have a girlfriend when you play galaxy 2... it makes it real fun. Still this is so blatantly screaming that he watched the Zero punctuation review and basically repeated(or plagiarized) every criticism that vid mentioned.

Meanwhile once i realized all this was was a fanboy article to bash another good wii game for no reason then HD gamers have to hate on the good games for wii, regardless of the level of quality. I stopped reading.

You know it's a fanboy article when it starts off with "My wii is covered with dust and sitting in a corner, I wanna sell it." When you have had more good games on wii this year then either ps3 or 360 has had.

Kinect just wishes it had 1 game at even a 1/4 the quality level of Galaxy 2. You know a motion peripheral is gonna be bad when it's killer app is Dance central.
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stragomccloud  +   2025d ago
Totally. The problem with people and their "dust gathering Wiis" is that they just aren't trying to find games for it. If I didn't pay attention to PS3 games, I wouldn't know about Uncharted 2. Furthermore, if I didn't pay attention to 360 games, I wouldn't know about games like Mass Effect. Love those games☆

Anyway, the author of the article does lay off the Wii bashing after the beginning, and does say a lot of good things about the game, for the record.
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Danteh  +   2025d ago
You should try readin the article sometimes, he is saying this is a true masterpiece...

I fucking hate retArded people like you

Shnazzyone  +   2024d ago
After reading the article i still feel like he never played the game and is just regurgitating reviews and previews he had heard.

Besides, Even stating that this is based on fantasy at the beginning doesn't change that it is a stupid article on a stupid subject regarding a stupid peripheral that has a stupid lineup of games coming to it.
Redempteur  +   2024d ago
it's really a stupid article ... good luck doing a wall jump on kinect
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