Jaffe and Eat.Sleep.Play break more Twisted Metal news

San Diego hosted the 2010 Comic-Con this week. Eat.Sleep.Play, the creators of the new Twisted Metal game, held their own conference and discussed a lot of new information about the game. Among the important things to note:

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kylebarreira2917d ago

this game is lookkking crazy good

colonel1792917d ago

Stop spamming. Make a story about it or something, but quit posting the same thing in every article, it's annoying!

We get it! There are forums on N4G! Point made! Now stop!


DelbertGrady2917d ago

He makes the forums seem even more retarded than the first page.

Rot_in_Fail2917d ago

Jaffe stop the game won't be out probably in 6-9 months, and we already know a lot :).

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BeOneWithTheGun2917d ago

David Jaffe seemed extremely excited about the game
----------------------------- ---------------------
He gets to play it! We have to sit here and wait! And wait and wait and wait.

kylebarreira2917d ago

and split on line, hellz yes

TheLastGuardian2917d ago

Articles shoudn't get approved if there is no new info on the game they're covering. The whole conference was posted earlier and had way more new info than this article. This game is gonna blow everyone away.

Baliw2917d ago

Only four factions. Cars will be the characters.

Ravage272917d ago

you are free to choose any of the 16 vehicles for the single player campaign but the story will be centered around the 4 factions, each with 3 unique endings.

It's going to be fantastic.

xHarvey2917d ago

"• The game will support off-line split screen as well as on-line split screen."
"• DLC “hopefully” will be implanted but the DLC will be game changing-not just new character skins."

Only two things I had to read. Day one.

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