Shots fired over robbery of Playstation 3

Police are investigating a robbery gone bad that started over a Playstation 3 game console and ended with gunfire, investigators say.

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mrmcygan2827d ago

Just proves that playing shooter games will not help your aim in real life.

Rob Hornecker2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Thats funny! I thought the same thing. For those that don't know that area of Fla.,Tarpon Springs has some pretty rough nieghborhoods and this doesn't surprise me. What really surprises me is we don't see this happen more often...and NOT just in Florida!

Thank goodness for the 2nd amendment!

bednet2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

The victim shot at the robber. Does anyone else see an issue with shooting at someone in a public street?...I mean a bystander could easily have been hit...which to me seems like a bigger offense than stealing a used PS3...

The robber certainly learned something out of this...when robbing someone, shoot first.

na-no-nai2827d ago

what was he doing selling his console on the street??

ATLRoAcH2827d ago

Sounds like craigslist to me.

Rob Hornecker2827d ago

You would have to know Tarpon Springs for the answer to that one! That part of town is the "Hood"...Nuff said!

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