Activision's "Blur" Available at Incredible Price

Activision's crazy kart-racing sim has taken a beating at retail outlets, only managing to sell a handful of units. But judging by the positive responses to the Online Multiplayer Demo, as well my own experiences with the demo, the game still has the potential to become a sales hit if its publisher starts another marketing campaign. But until then, there's an amazing deal on this game that cuts the price of the PS3 and 360 versions down to just $30.

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DJ2824d ago

The demo's just too wicked to pass up on.

RockmanII72824d ago

They would discount the price as soon as I run out of Money. Its a really fun game.

SpaceFox2824d ago

Man, what's with all the haters? I know Activision is the devil but Blur's actually a pretty fun game.

nickjkl2824d ago

but youre money is going to kotick and i would burn my money before i give another dollat to kotick

Cheeseknight282824d ago

It has been $20. You could do some trickery with a Best Buy coupon and get it for that.

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ingiomar2824d ago

Its not a kart-racer -.-

N4GAddict2824d ago

It is according to Activision

SpaceFox2824d ago

Um... noooo...

If you're referring to the commercial, just because they mocked kart racers does not make Blur one. It's like Burnout, with powerups. There are no karts.

Baka-akaB2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

it is the same gameplay , and beyond ads even the devs says that's the kind of game they tried to rival .

So yeah it use cars instead of karts , but that's just an aesthetic gimmicks to try appealing to others .

At its core and gameplay it is quite similar to those kart games

Baka-akaB2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

it is very much an attempt with a mordern cars disguise . It's an ok game

CobraKai2824d ago

The article called it a "kart-racing sim". If that were the case wouldn't it feature actual karts? I'd say it's an arcade racer than kart racer

DJ2824d ago

It has powerups, for crying out loud. The driving physics are definitely not kart-racer-ish though.

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Nihilism2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Activision games are never an incredible price, no matter how much they cost. They come with the loss of self respect and the sale of your's all in the Activision EULA in the manual


Does anyone?, we're in the golden age of apathy, which is why activision is thriving on paid DLC, subscription fees and milking guitar one cares enough to question the price tag of a $200 peripheral for a game...they just buy it and smile, and figure out what else they can cut off their grocery list to keep up with the consumerism dream...

RockmanII72824d ago

Its a good thing I have no self respect.

ZombieAutopsy2824d ago

Well for a game that just released i'd say it is.

ActionBastard2824d ago

Well worth the price, fantastic game.

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The story is too old to be commented.