Dance Central gets Snoop Dogg, Salt 'n' Peppa and Young MC hits
"One of the more anticipated titles that is supposed to be launched alongside Kinect is Dance Central from Harmonix. The game appears to improve on the Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance foundations to make a game as close to actual dancing that we've yet seen. Now the Guitar Hero and Rock Band creators have announced three songs from Snoop Dogg, Salt N Peppa and Young MC that gamers who pick up the title will be dancing to."

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Queasy2980d ago

Well, don't know how it will turn out but at least you can depend on Harmonix to pick some appropriate songs.

N4GAddict2980d ago

A lot of people will buy Kinect for Dance Central.

dizzleK2980d ago

i'd like to think people arent dumb enough to pay $200 for something they can easily do for free but i've been surprised before.

Bigpappy2980d ago

This thing isn't just the game, it has a teaching tool and gives you the feed back needed to get better. You can learn to do ever dance on the disk effectively. People will buy what ever they can afford it they get enjoyment from it. Just look at drugs, Ipad and cigarets. None of them are escential ot living, but some people have fun with them, and pay a lot to do so.

Queasy2980d ago

@dizzleK: Look at the success that Dance Dance Revolution had. People were spending more than that on high quality dance pads.

Grown Folks Talk2980d ago

I see people pay for water every day & go to Jimmy Johns when they can make tons of sandwiches at home for the same price. People spend money on what they want.

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MxShade2980d ago

Sounds decidedly unfunky.

DelbertGrady2980d ago

"This sh!t's gonna be bigger than the O.J. case."

Baka-akaB2980d ago

Sorry harmonix , i love your rockband games , and they are brilliant and once everywhile the innovation center for the genre , but i wont follow you on the dance central path

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