The Unsung Heroes of Video Games: Music

When it comes to how great a game is, there are many things that people talk about. Most players attribute the greatness of a game to the addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, a compelling story, or fluid controls. Most reviewers in this day and age would follow suit: gameplay is the most important, followed somehow by graphics, story, and controls. Music in video games, however, can’t hold a candle to other elements of gaming in their importance. This week in the Unsung Heroes column, I want to show that video game music is far better than most people give credit for.

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GWAVE3062d ago

Video game music is definitely underrated. Let's be honest: would certain scenes of FF7, any MGS game, Shadow of the Colossus, any Zelda game, etc. be as epic without the epic music to go along with it?

On a side note, that's part of why I love DJ Hero (can't wait for DJ Hero 2). The mixed are all original. I love playing the game just to hear the music.

DelbertGrady3062d ago

Chris Hülsbeck and Ben Daglish deserve a mention in this.