Nintendo's Wii Is The Gaming Industry's Financial Scapegoat

According to the author: "The importance of this article has been building up over the last few months due to the alarming rate of ill-conceived and indolently made games for the Wii. This started with the preconceived direction of Nintendo abandoning the hardcore gamer and now it's built up into a rather obvious scheme by publishers within the gaming industry to quickly cash-in on a hot product."

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otherZinc3975d ago

This is a great piece of work!

I've said this along time ago: Nintendo got exactly what they wanted, that is people who dont play games to buy their new Wii console, well with that you get people that dont buy games. This is the life that the Wii has right now and forever. Expect to only sell anything made by Nintendo (barely) and nothing buy a third party, NOTHING!

This is the way it should be; make an old POS, throw in a gimmick controller, and no one will buy a 3rd party game. You get what you deserve.

Also, the Wii is $125.00 over priced. When they have a massive sale I'll get a Wii. They are selling last gens technology for $250.00, they can go fly a kite with that number.

Rute3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

You obviously don't know much about the 3rd party software sales on different consoles. Wii has two 3rd party million+ sellers (Rayman Raving Rabbids and Red Steel), which is very good considering their average quality. PS3 has none. As with other consoles, great 3rd party games sell a lot on Wii. Many of the 3rd party devs didn't see Wii succeeding the way it does, hence the low quality software and only a couple of 3rd party hits.

unsunghero283975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

It seems to me that the Wii, which is selling far more consoles than either of its competitors, is constantly being harassed because of its success. I honestly believe that everyone takes it personally that last gen's dead last is way in the lead. The reason the Wii is succeeding is because its inexpensive, accessible and different.

So, yes, right now the 7th generation is being won by a console with the approximate power of the original Xbox. No, this generation's defining factor is not necessarily HD graphics.

I think that when Brawl, Galaxy, and Corruption all come out every hardcore gamer will want a Wii, and because it's so inexpensive they'll be able to afford it. It's really that simple.

snormal3974d ago

Imagine if he made this argument about movies: Most people who buy dvd players are "casual" movie watchers who never buy movies. The assumption, of course, is that only the most hardcore users will plunk down cash.

Let's go with the movie analogy: Think of someone you'd categorize as a "movie buff". He/she probably has a lot of purchased movies, and probably some stuff that your mom wouldn't be interested in at all.

Now think about someone you'd categorize as a "casual" movie watcher... they don't theorize about movies, they don't post on message boards about movies, and they don't buy most of the stuff that movie buffs would... but guess what? oftentimes they have a wall of animated movies and romantic comedies. Good movies, just nothing that'd appeal to a Lord of the Rings geek.

Do these casual users watch movies aimed at the hardcore movie watcher set? Rarely. Do they buy movies? Yes, but less often. Are there a whole hell of a lot more potential casual users out there than hardcore users? You bet your ass there are.

I'd say this guy's argument would hold up 5 years ago, but not now. Time to sniff the winds of change :)