Could Bungie's Tease Be 'Halo' the Movie?

TQcast writes: Just when we thought that Master Chief would never return to a Halo game, Bungie teases us with a statement that has Halo fans in a frenzy. But, Halo fans may want to settle down, and realize that this could be nothing but a Movie teaser statement.

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tdogchristy903062d ago

I knew a halo movie had always been in the rattled around, but clicking the imdb link and seeing a expected 2012 release is kind of nice.

Natsu X FairyTail3062d ago

Alot of big Titles coming in the next 2 years. They want to go Full force before the end of the world ;).

Joke aside. Green Lantern , Thor , Captain america , Avengers , Batman 3 , Halo all in the next 2 years?


RememberThe3573062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

We got some great films headed our way the next few years. BTW The Losers was the best movie I've seen this year (aside from Black Dynamite); badass and funny as shit.

RockmanII73062d ago

Hangover 2 and Cars 2 are due out next year

Deadpool and the new Superman movie (Directed by Christopher Nolan) are due out 2012

morganfell3062d ago

Utterly ridiculous postulation without a shred of evidence. Where is the article on aliens invading the Earth for gaming technology?

siyrobbo3062d ago



no-one is attached to direct superman, which isn't even confirmed to be in production. It was rumoured the Jonathan Nolan was being lined up to direct, not Christopher

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Godmars2903062d ago

Why would Bungie tease something they no longer have anything to do with?

Yes, they're working on Reach, but unless they're going back on their word - again - there was no real pint in leaving MS.

ingiomar3062d ago

Bungie will never lose its connection with microsoft

I wouldn't be surprised if they made another exsclusive IP for microsoft..

Natsu X FairyTail3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

Stupid comment.

Why would Bungie not CARE about something they created and worked so hard on Or like Why would Stan Lee tease a new Spiderman Movie SINCE He's not writting the stories anymore. CMON NOW!

You think because they have future project not related to halo that they'll stop caring for the IP and stop? I would totaly understand them teasing the movie.

Get real .

RockmanII73062d ago

Bungie never went back on their word. I'm assuming your talking about Bungie saying that Halo 3 would be their last Halo game but they never said that. They said that it will be the last Halo game in the Trilogy and their will be no more games about the Halo rings. Reach isn't part of the Trilogy and isn't about the rings.

SixZeroFour3062d ago

yup...bungie always choose their words carefully, and when asked those types of questions, by different interviewers, dont you notice its almost an exact word for word response everytime

with regards to interviews about reach and future halo titles, they said, this is the last halo title they are going to do on the 360 a couple times, and in recent interviews, they dropped the "on the 360" part

m233062d ago

These guys keep saying Bungie said that, when in fact it wasn't. This was said during the 343 Industries Halo Universe Panel. He also commented on the movie and said that there is nothing new. In terms of "You haven't seen the last of Master Chief" he was most definitely talking about a future game. It's funny how most gamers nowadays have more knowledge about games than the journalists writing these stories.

RememberThe3573062d ago

I think it because many of these writers are not journalist, just guys with a website.

playstation_clan3062d ago

isnt bungie done with halo after halo reach, come on these are talented people, why milk that game to the ground like call of duty. They should make a new ip

aviator1893062d ago

They are creating a new ip...with Activision. Remember that 10 year contract with them?

RockmanII73062d ago

Well Bungie wanted the rights to own the IP they created so many people think that it will be Marathon.

The BS Police3062d ago

343 Industries made that statement, not Bungie!

Hazmat133062d ago

doesnt rooster teeth use 343 Industries for there Red Vs Blue videos??

jozzah3062d ago

The animations for Bungie are done by Monty Oum who works there now. He did the CGI short Haloid and the popular series Dead Fantasy.

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