Halo 3: First Impressions

Only at E3 last month did Bungie finally give Eurogamer a chance to get a closer look at the first level (called "Sierra 177" ) but playing it was strictly off-limits.

That all changed last week at a press-event in Amsterdam. Not only was the 4-player-co-op mode confirmed, but Microsoft finally let Eurogamer get their first hands-on with its next big title.

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egyptian_diarrhea3730d ago

it's more and more not looking that spectacular :(. most of the lattest previews have been shedding an ok opinion about it, not having the Wow factor it would be expected. i'll still play it for a looonnnggg time. after experiencing Gears online, i've been much more excited about halo's multiplayer, it seems a load of fun.

deepio3730d ago

"one new feature we clocked immediately was the enemy-radar placed on the bottom left corner of the screen"

New feature? WTF??

Havince3730d ago

from what iv seen of the HD trailers off marketplace

this game is so close i can taste it.

im not that fussed bout the multiplayer, not compared to the single player

FirstknighT3730d ago

Oh man!!! The excitement just keeps on building!!! This is going to be HUGE!!! :)

ben hates you3730d ago

firstknight t, i don't know who disagreed, whether it surpasses or underwhems people it will be huge, its recently surpassed 4million pre-orders, it will sell that many plus lots more in one day, it will make it the fastest selling media device in the world when it surpasses the amount of halo 2 sold in its first day(just over2million)

no denying this game will be big, whether or not it meets the hype

Bathyj3730d ago

This game cant live up to the hype, nothing could, but its still gonna be a great solid shooter that plays really well. We all know pretty much what to expect and there are bound to be a few awesome set piece surprises too.

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The story is too old to be commented.