Android’s First Mobile Gaming Tournament – AGC #1

Gaming has been evolving since the day it started with the oldest console system. From there it has progressed to 3D multiplayer consoles, high-end PC gaming, and soon to come controller-less playing (Kinect). The next step seems to be mobile gaming – which currently there are no tournaments for, until now. What has been in the works for a while has finally come to the light. iPhone users don’t have an official tournament – in fact mobile gaming in general doesn’t. DroidGamers are introducing the Android Gaming Challenge to turn things around. AGC #1 like the WGC (World Gaming Championships) will pit gamers against one another for prizes. If you think you have what it takes to be one of the best Android gamers across a variety of different game genres then feel free to enter and climb your way to the top spot to claim the grand prize as well as recognition as the best Android gamer from AGC #1.

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