Video Game Weapons Are Real

There is nothing more that most of us enjoy more than video gaming. Through our Xbox 360's, Playstation 3's and PC's we become legends. We become heroes. But up until now, there's always been one thing that is stopping us (no not that fact we'd have to get off the couch)... the weapons.

This however is all about to change, as our favourite weapons (and vehicles) in video game history, become a reality.

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SupaGamer3060d ago

The Buster Sword from FFVII would be totally useless in real life. Not only is it cumbersome but it's probably reaaly heavy and if you miss you are in a whole lot of trouble.

scofios3060d ago

@SupaGamer and MariaHelFutura

Joule3060d ago


duplissi3060d ago

lol people disagreed...

nikebee3060d ago

I dunno, it'd still be pretty cool to own one.

I'd rather have the Masamune (Sephiroth's sword), at least that thing would be razor sharp and wouldn't weigh the same as the moon.

I'm a huge FF7 fan, but you've still gotta appreciate the irony of one of the most fabled swords in video game history being the worst sword in the game.

Raypture3060d ago

The masume would be a pain to use too though because it's so long it could be topheavy, and it's impossible to put into a sheath the way you would with most swords.

stragomccloud3057d ago

heh. That is so true. Never thought about that. That was unsellable, wasn't it? I can't remember.

Urmomlol3060d ago

You clearly need those Jenova cells to use it efficiently.

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BornToKill3060d ago

can't decide which one is more awesome.

Poseidon3060d ago

cerable ore from turok (hope i spelled it right) :/

LinuxGuru3060d ago

Cerebral Bore (Brain Drill)

vampstreak3060d ago

the Warthog looks awesome. I would love to drive around in that.

DaBadGuy3060d ago

How about a Warthog with Masamunes on each side, a portal gun mounted on the hood, and a lancer and frostmourne sword wielding Bruce Willis in the driver's seat. Badassery overload.

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