XBLAFans: Deadliest Warrior: The Game XBLA Review

"When I think of Spike TV, The Ultimate Fighter and endless reruns of CSI are immediately transfused in to my recollection. What lies between the cage fighting and continuous autopsies is a show about putting yesterdays warriors up against each other in a scientific manner to see who would leave the fight alive; that show is called Deadliest Warriors. With a cult following and the success of the show, what better way to rejuvenate our imagination than to make a game where we can depict our shameless childlike interest in history’s baddest of bad asses."


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Poseidon3063d ago

played it at a friends, good game.

Marcus Fenix3063d ago

the only shallow part of it is the content imo (8 warriors and 5 arenas), but that's understandable since it's a 10$ game, what I liked about it is that u casn play the same warrior differently, u can play with short range as ur primary attack or play with midrange weapons and try different variants of each weapon and armor, this is the best 10$ I've ever spent.

Folezicle3063d ago

Looks interesting, nice twist with the ability to cut off limbs