Updated European release list, 6/08/07

PALGN compiled a good list with next releases in Europe, and GT5 Prologue (October 24) also missed by this one.

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Bathyj3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

All I want in August is BioShock, but Man what a lineup Sonys got for September. 5 games I have to get, plus Halo3 for Xbox. I need to take 3 months off work.

Holy Crap,
another 4 or 5 games to get it October. Even Wii's got a game I want. I suppose after an 11 month gap it should have.

AllroundGamer3759d ago

lol feeling with you man, mine Wii has dust all over it :) mostly i am playing some Gamecube games on it... well i finished lately RE4 Wii version 2 times, but it was simply the same as on the PS2 just with the renewed controls.

Bazookajoe_833759d ago

For 360 i want bioshock, two worlds and Halo3 (Need a 360 also). For ps3 i want Heavenly, lair, warhawk, bladestorm and dirt =) maybe area 51..

achira3759d ago

nice ps3 list. there are many games i want. the next game i am buying is singstar.

heroman7113759d ago

U.S. getting more exclusives for ps3 in those months

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