SDCC10: ‘Sly Cooper Collection’ Hands-On First Impressions - Flick Cast

Courtney Zamm of Flick Cast: When I was about twelve, I picked up a game for my Playstation 2 called Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus. With its slick cel-shaded animation, humorous storyline, and addictive gameplay, I probably played this game and its subsequent sequels many times. Which is why, when I heard they were re-releasing it for the PS3 in 3D, I had a little fan-girl freak out. I got a chance to try out The Sly Cooper Collection at Comic-Con, and it definitely left an impression.

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KILLERAPP2796d ago

I never played these games on my PS2, I might just buy this…

MariaHelFutura2796d ago

Do it. All 3 are some of the most creative games that no one played last gen.

ActionBastard2796d ago

Same boat, different oar. Definitely going to buy 3 HD games with 3D and Move support for $40.

despair2796d ago

don't forget 3 platinum trophies :)

Kurisu2796d ago

Same for me, never played any of them before. I wonder how much the Collection will cost here in the UK?

spunnups2796d ago

Def picking it up. This and Jak and Daxter are two of the best series that I never got around to playing.

Akagi2796d ago

3 full, HD, polished games for 40 bucks with 3D support, and trophies.

How much was MW2 again?

DelbertGrady2796d ago

MW2 isn't a last gen game that should've been supported by BC. Sony make Kotick look like a saint by milking old PS2 games like this.

Ravage272795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

some people actually WANT classics remade in HD.

When fans beg for sequels of their favourite series, 99% of the time the idea of 'updated graphics with old gameplay intact' comes up.

What's stopping me from buying PS2 classics like ICO or SoTC from Ebay? Nothing other than the fact that i would definitely prefer to play them in HD and 60FPS with trophy support to enhance their replay value.

3 HD classics in 1 bluray for the price of $40. I can't think of anything that packs more value than this.

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silkrevolver2796d ago

...And as much as I love it... I’d rather they keep making inFamous games before they go back to Sly.

MariaHelFutura2796d ago

As much as I LOVE InFamous, seeing Sly all done up on the PS3 would be a dream come true and with this coming out you know it`s on the way. Ahhhhhh............

NecrumSlavery2796d ago

They can finish polishing up on inFAMOUS 2, and start working on SLY 4. Sucker Punch is a very good dev team.

clank5432796d ago

The sly games are amazing and all I really want is Sly 4. The games honestly still look phenomenal on ps2 because of their art style. It's kind of like Okami in that HD graphics really can't make this game look that much more beautiful than it already is with its standout art.

Sly 2 is the pinnacle of the series with its fantastic heist schemes, varied environments, and creative missions. I want Sly 4 to be pretty much the same as Sly 2 but with new environments!

Triella2795d ago

Was the dogfight in Sly 2 ? If so you're right Sly 2 was the best.

jaredhart2796d ago

I would be more interested in a new game.

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The story is too old to be commented.