Call of Duty: Black Ops voice actors revealed?

IMDB has released a list of stars due to provide voiceovers for Call of Duty: Black Ops, revealing that Spider-Man 3 star Topher Grace will be taking the starring role in this year's Call of Duty.

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HarryMonogenis3062d ago

I'm still divided on whether or not I'll be buying Black Ops..

coolbeans3062d ago

I personally find Call of Duty: Waw to be the worst main entry into the franchise. Zombies were cool but they (Treyarch) totally laid back with CoD4's ideas and ran with WWII ones. At least, CoD3 offered Treyarch's own ideas and it did pretty well for 8 months of dev. time.

Black Ops looks promising but I wouldn't get my hopes up. The helicopter part isn't cutting it.

coolbeans3062d ago

No, bro. CoD3 actually offered more than one new addition to the CoD series. Its class-based MP is actually really enjoyable and still offers the most players in one game for a CoD game (24).

Pandamobile3062d ago

COD3 was by far the worst in the series, next to MW2.

tdrules3062d ago

I just played a 50 person server on COD2 what are you on about?
and WaW added an incredibly popular Zombies mode.

coolbeans3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

You can have that amount on PC as well for CoD3, I'm just mentioning the basic number on consoles as well. When I mentioned WaW, I was referring to the 1 thing being zombies mode but that's it. CoD3 introduced (not by mods) sprinting on MP, class-based MP, and War mode.

WaW was better executed but you can't honestly say what's basically CoD 4.5 is better, can you?

coolbeans3062d ago

What are you talking about? Keep what up? If CoD3 were a PC game (didn't know whether it was one or not to be honest) it'd use the same servers CoD2 would, right? When mentioning 24 players, that's the only CoD (console game) to do that.

Why are you re-directing to servers on PC to begin with and not just making a simple retort back as to WHY YOU DISAGREED?

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Baka-akaB3062d ago

not divided at all .
As far as i'm concerned COD "started" , peaked and died with modern warfare 1 .

I insist doubly on the "as far as i'm concerned" , with clearly the world thinking otherwise

Noobasaurus_REX3062d ago

Also IMDB had a voice actor for a "zombie". God that would be cool

N4BmpS3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

If they have a beta for this game I might buy it but it's scheduled for November 9th and they haven't evenn talked about an open beta. Sooooo, skip?

But on a lighter note, they have Gary Oldman on their, pretty cool.

guitarded773062d ago

Aww man... no Kevin McKidd??? I watched Rome religiously and dug having him in MW2... cool voice. I was hoping Treyarch would use him.

jdktech20103062d ago

BO looks so similar to MW2 just in a different time.....I never played WAW so I have nothing to go off on Treyarch as a developer....I'll probably get LBP2 instead

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