Top 5 Ways To Make The Best Call of Duty Game

We’ve played them all, we’ve played the masterpiece known as COD4 and we’ve been frustrated above all else with MW2. Here are five ways we can make the next COD, the best COD.

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DoomeDx3063d ago

6. Diffrent publisher. Hell even EA would be better then Activi$ion.
7. Lower stress level

samoon3063d ago

Agree with the stress level part ! :P

Johnny_Bravo3063d ago

EA make a better COD? They already tried....MOH and it sucks.

EliteAssassin813063d ago

I didn't know MOH was out yet. You must be from the future therefore you know it sucks. Unless your one of those people who judges a game from a beta.

Spenok3063d ago

It sucked? Damn, i didnt know the game came out already. When i got the beta (about 2 weeks after it came out) Just before it went offline, i played it for a good 3 days. Aproximatly 15 hours of play without one problem. No bugs, no glitches, no getting booted. I dont know what people are bi#$hing about. This games not out yet, and the Beta is NOT an example of what the full game will be.

DoomeDx3063d ago

I sayed: EA as a PUBLISHER! not developer.


RockmanII73063d ago

1 - Have a beta

2 - Spend more than a year working on the game, and only have one developer team working on the game so people want it more

3 - More customization options

4 - add a replay mode

5 - Single player that is 8+ Hours long

Playerz83063d ago

The best way to make a Call of Duty game would be to not make one at all.

socomnick3063d ago

* Dont let treyarch ruin black ops by putting vehicles in the multilayer like they did in cod 3 and waw.

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Kappa Mikey3063d ago

I would love a dedicated clan support. That was one of the many reasons why I love Killzone 2 so much

samoon3063d ago

To this day I play K2 because of that sweet feature. My clan made it all the way to the top 100 until we just ended up disbanding. :(

Kappa Mikey3063d ago

Yea it'll be great and fun too. I hate it in COD when anybody can steal your clan tag. It was really annoying

samoon3063d ago

How come this is taking so long to get approved? :(

Am I the only one that wants to see a good COD game ??

Kappa Mikey3063d ago

I aswell want to see a good COD game but in this website COD is just hated

jashmister3063d ago

COD shouldn't be hated, MW2 and its completely unbalanced MP should be hated.

Poseidon3063d ago

give them red eyes, a more realistic control scheme, and make it in outer fokin space!

crzyjackbauer3063d ago

wow you probably suck at mw2
whining about campers is like telling fish to get out of the sea

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The story is too old to be commented.