BBC to start developing games

The Scotsman reports that while the BBC has had success in delivering on-demand video content, their eyes are set on broader horizons. The next step in the publicly funded organisation's roadmap is apparently games.

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alexander22rednaxela3972d ago

They will probably create games similar to Africa for PS3, only with you playing as David Attenbouroug instead.

xaphanze3972d ago

what ever happened to africa anyways?

Dead_Gentlemen3972d ago

Resident Evil 5 - poor, poor Africa ;)


More games in the like of those from The History Channel? Please no...

ParaDise_LosT3972d ago

He's probley gonna make a game about lawsuits...
you get to play as a lawyer defending gaming companies
1st lvl Sony vs Immersion!

DiLeCtioN3971d ago

lol we might get a weather game