Game Releases for Week of 7/25 - StarCraft II, BlazBlue, Hydro Thunder
"Releases of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, HydroThunder, and Arc Rise Fantasia help get this week's game releases past the typical summer lull period. We also get an oddity this week in Clash of the Titans. Movie tie-in games are typically released alongside the theatrical release. This time, the game was delayed to release alongside the DVD release of the film. Now we'll have to see if that makes a difference in the quality of the game."

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Queasy3004d ago

I'm actually excited for Hydro Thunder Hurricane. I played the crap out of the Dreamcast version.

killyourfm3004d ago

I've been playing it for review, and honestly...I still don't have anything negative to throw at it!

HeroXIV3004d ago

Just watched a preview over at Joystiq, looks pretty damn fun. Is it coming to PSN too?

Elven63003d ago

Microsoft owns the IP now so Hydro Thunder is 360 exclusive, at the most we might get a PC port if anything.

Eric Barrier3003d ago

Why give the man disagrees? He just stated that he saw a preview and then asked a legit question. To answer you question, no. As Elven said it is a MS property.

Spenok3003d ago

It would be nice, but unfortunatly it wont happen.

Imperator3004d ago

Starcraft 2... after so many thousands of days, it's only 2 more days away.. :D

JsonHenry3003d ago

I will be waiting in line at midnight with the throngs of others around the world.

Cheeseknight283003d ago

I'm a bit annoyed that I couldn't get release-date shipping on my Collector's Edition, but after sending an e-mail I did manage to get free one-day shipping... so all's well!

I'll wait one more day for no tax/shipping any day.

MxShade3004d ago

Any release this week will be overshadowed by SCII.

Queasy3004d ago

Yeah, this is one of those weeks where other PC releases should probably steer clear...

killyourfm3004d ago

I'm feeling pretty sorry for any publisher who was foolish enough to go against SC2 this week.

zatrox3004d ago

Yeah, except there are thousands of fans waiting for BlazBlue: CS as well.

Baka-akaB3004d ago

seriously it's not as if fighting game fans would skip blazblue because of sc2 .

They'll either get sc2 and bb , or only BB .

It just obviously happens that there are far less blazblue fans than starcraft's , any month of any year

midgard2293004d ago

BLAZBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

woot haha.

Myze3004d ago

Well, nothing this week. Some game about arts and crafts. I don't care if it is "cosmic," I'm not big on those types of games. I know I'm just waiting for Blizzard to finally release a new RTS.

Anon73493003d ago

StarCraft 2 just isn't StarCraft and I hate Blizzard for what they did with it.

RockmanII73003d ago

I'm thinking of buying 1600 MS Points and getting Hydro Thunder and changing my gamertag. Baseball Fan doesn't really fit me now that I'm no longer really a Baseball Fan.