PS3 "bonus" bundle offer to end on August 31 in Australia

The PlayStation 3 "starter pack" offer--which sees a 60GB PS3 bundled with two controllers and two games in PAL territories--will end in Australia on August 31, less than a month after it was first launched locally

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Loudninja3940d ago

I wonder are they about to introduce a new lower price PS3 bunlde, or just cut the price?

XxZxX3940d ago

ehhh it just mean one thing, September global price cut.

ShiftyLookingCow3940d ago

I hope so, otherwise this move would be stupid

sa_nick3940d ago

I was asking the games advisor at JB Hi-Fi about when the deal ends and he says that they're running it until the end of September, so I dunno what's up with that.

But JB's has the bundle going for $959 (40 bucks cheaper than anywhere else) and also with the bundle you get 30 bucks of a GTA IV Special Edition pre-order, taking it down to $120 instead of $150.

Total saving of like $350. I'm buying it this Thursday night.

Valin3940d ago

Did sony know that pal had the largest pentration per home of playstation 2s In ireland there was a PS2 in every second house now they screw us i will bet my foot that sony will eith simplify it into the 80 GB for the same price when many people would much prefer the bundle or they'll get rid of the bundle and make a small price cut either way PAL gets screwed.

Bathyj3940d ago

Then why not buy the bundle instead of whining about it. If people want the bundle like you say, buy it now. Its a great deal.

Alcohog3940d ago

the pending rumble controller?

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The story is too old to be commented.