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Motorstorm Apocalypse versus Motorstorm Pacific Rift: HD screen shot comparison

GB writes: "Evolution Studios have always been at the forefront of creating visually impressive games. They have already proved that they can create some of the most visually appealing racers, as evident with the first two iterations of Motorstorm. Now with the third game in the series, the developers are trying something unique, the game will be set in an post-apocalyptic world. So how much has the series evolved visually since the last game in 2008? Let’s take a look." (MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Motorstorm:Pacific Rift, PS3)

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Rashid Sayed  +   1861d ago
The playstation 3 is again showing its muscle. Man Sony always takes it to the next level every time, every year. Wonder we will ever need a PS4 for the next 5 years lol.
Joule  +   1861d ago
Wow improvements in Playstation exclusives are just crazy Uncharted to Uncharted 2, inFmamous to infamous 2 now this. The playstation is not aging as it gets older its getting better and better.
PoSTedUP  +   1861d ago
to be honest
they picked screens from MS:PR where, the sun, the mist from the waterfall, and the dust all cover up most of the good graphics (i use to play this game every day so i would know the levels they chose)

motorstormPR has amazing graphics, these screens do not justify them. and i don't think MS3 is going to be that big of a leap in graphics due to MS:PR having stunning realistic graphics already.
im not trying to complain but i could have picked out much better looking screenshots from MS:PR.

cant wait for MS3 tho the game is going to be crazy.
RedDragan  +   1860d ago
The motorstorm series has never been given the praise it deserves for it's graphics.

The first one still wipes the floor with all other off-road racers that followed, yet the ones that followed some how got higher ratings on the graphics front.

It's a bit of a sham really.
Ch1d0r1  +   1860d ago
Who cares about graphics?
Graphics should be the given w/ ps3. Just make the game fun. Which is what it truly needs. That is why it doesn't get the respect it deserves. I recently played MS:PR and it is boring as hell, it is not even challenging. Somehow i enjoyed the Dirt 2 demo more than the full version of any Motorstorm.
Psfan999  +   1861d ago
I'm guessing we'll have a ps4 by 2013-14, 7-8 years into the ps3's life cycle. Sony may not be eager to release a new console just yet but I don't think they want to let the xbox 720 gain too much of a lead.
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colonel179  +   1861d ago
It would be a disadvantage if the release the PS4 shortly after the next xbox, but if they release it 2 or more years after, then it won't be. I think the PS3 is in the situation where 3rd party developers don't want to take advantage of the ps3 power because they can make a similar game on the 360 and it's cheaper for them.

If the ps4 launches way after the xbox 3, and it has way more power, then the difference will be obvious and the xbox 3 would feel old, having the developers get more attention and making games that even if they are on the xbox 3 the difference this time would be very noticeable.
Blaine  +   1861d ago
I don't think next gen will boil down to which has the best hardware. It'll be a combination of hardware, and ease of programing--especially if Sony joins the fight extra late.

Look at past gens: PS2 crushed the original Xbox even though its hardware was nowhere near as powerful, mostly because the console was already so established (and remember, it wasn't particularly easy to program for either). In this gen, Sony is really using their name to pull through, and the 1st party devs are doing an amazing job to provide us with quality titles, but most of the third party devs prefer the 360's easier development platform.

Next gen, if Sony can have hardware as good or better than MS, but also have a console that is as easy or even easier to develop for, then that's how they're going to win.
playstation_clan   1861d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1861d ago
playstation 4D
haha, one can dream can't he xD
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cjflora  +   1861d ago
PS3 vs. PS3
I guess when it comes to power and graphics, the PS3 only has itself to compete with now.
jeseth  +   1860d ago
Can't wait for the next Motorstorm!
Motorstorm is so much fun!
sikbeta  +   1860d ago
MotorStorm:Apocalypse will be Definitely Epic...
StillGray  +   1861d ago
It's about time. It's nice to see the PS3 finally getting some meat on its bones.
raztad  +   1861d ago
about time? you skipped 2008-9?
scofios  +   1861d ago
Actually the ps3 showed its power in 2007 with heavenly sword and uncharted 1.
And after that it got better and better .
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RedDragan  +   1860d ago
And the original Motorstorm, scofios.
cliffbo  +   1861d ago
what? where have you been?
beavis4play  +   1861d ago
sol, where have you been?
you just wake up from a 2 year sleep?
karl  +   1861d ago
playing his xbox in his basement with no internet for two years...

u should get some fresh air..
arsenal55  +   1861d ago
you been living in a cave for a couple years Sol? lol
PSfan09  +   1860d ago
this guy should think about leaving the house
dkgshiz  +   1860d ago
Where in the hell have you been?! MGS4,LBP,Demons Souls, UC1,UC2, Heavenly Sword, KZ2, GT5P,Infamous,Heavy Rain, GOW 3, Motorstorm 1&2, Modnation Racers, MAG, just to name a few. Yea, clearly you are no gamer at all.
TrevorPhillips  +   1861d ago
The true power comes from the PS3 :)

Games to pick up for PS3:

Motorstorm Apocalypse
Killzone 3
Street Fighter vs Tekken
Mortal Kombat 9

Too many good games on PS3, list goes on and on. :D
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Motorola  +   1861d ago
You forgot Dead Space 2 PS3 only limited edition, Assassins Creed 2 with playstation exclusive missions and Medal of Honor PS3 only limited edition
RedDragan  +   1860d ago
And everyone forgets the nuclear bomb that is....


Cloudberry  +   1860d ago
Please don't forget YAKUZA 4 in Spring 2011.
MexicanAppleThief  +   1861d ago
I love the massive jump in power PS3 exclusives have, thats why I love these sequels. I wonder how Uncharted 3 is going to look like? :D
Psfan999  +   1861d ago
Uncharted 2 pushed the ps3's limits didn't it? I think it's time to focus more on gameplay now that they are so good with graphics.

Not that Uncharted 2 didn't have good gameplay! :)
Holeran  +   1861d ago
It may have pushed the ps3's limits at the time but every year they get better and better at codeing so I expect uncharted3 to look even better than 2. Whenever you hear those words "we have gone as far as we can go with this hardware" bypass it all together until you see what can really be done with it.
dkgshiz  +   1860d ago
UC2 never pushed the limits.
Every new PS3 exclusive gets better graphically each time.
Rashid Sayed  +   1861d ago
I think so the most amazing jump visually in two years was Uncharted to Uncharted 2. Not only the visual level, but the animations. If anyone of you actually look how Drake moved in the first one and how he moved in the sequel, that should be enough evidence that visuals is a combination of right color combination + great animation + great lip sync + greater study of human body so that developers can actually represent that in the games.
GoodSpeed  +   1861d ago
I just finished UC:DF a few days ago, and I forget how much UC2 progressed from the original. Although UC is a great game, UC2 completely expands on every aspect of the first game and makes it better. And the animations definitely improved from game 1 to 2.
TrevorPhillips  +   1861d ago
I don't know how Uncharted 3 will look like but I can say this, I assure you that it'll blow our minds away thats for sure :)
mrv321  +   1861d ago
Motorstorm 1 still looks great, go back and play it... a few areas like fire could do with work but they game still looks great.
GoodSpeed  +   1861d ago
Especially when you hit parts of the track with the mud, kicking dirt and debris all over your vehicle. I always drove with the interior view to get the full effect and it was intense.
theunleashed64  +   1861d ago
wow! a huge leap thats why i love ps3 exclusives huge leaps in both quality &
the graphic's department man it's good to be a ps3 owner.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1861d ago
It looks kind of the same.
alphakennybody  +   1861d ago
there's a big leap in textures and polycounts. the MS series were always eye candy but it never received credit.
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yewles1  +   1861d ago
Exactly, Eddie. O.O
blusoops  +   1861d ago
Motorstorm:A will support 1080p. A first for the series! Can't wait.
TrevorPhillips  +   1861d ago
in what world are you living in...

It looks better then the previous motorstorm games O_o
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jack_burt0n  +   1861d ago
CRAP site FAIL those are concept drawings for apocalypse ffs get ur act together.

Imo there isn't a huge leap if u look at actual screenshots but it didn't need one the first and second look incredible this runs in 3D too.
peeps  +   1861d ago
yeh was gonna say, especially the second picture of the falling building and the 1 with motion blur. Just looks a lot like concept art rather than screenshots...
J-Smith  +   1861d ago
Motorstorm Apocalypse = DAY 1 BUY


CernaML  +   1861d ago
Oh please... I'll have all these ordered months before release. :]
ChronoJoe  +   1861d ago
They're not concept art. They just have a lot of AA and motion Blur on 'em. Taken in the games photomode probably. On Wipeout HD within photomode you can add effects like Motion blur, and aliasing to get a better picture - Studio liverpool probably incorporated the same features in MS:A, producing these kind of shots.

So whilst they are not going to be exactly what you'll see in motion, there not concept art, and it's going to look pretty close to that. Y'know, minus the Blur and cinematic angle.

Oh, and by the way, the reason these look so good is most likely due to Studio Liverpool and Evolution Studio working together to make this game.

Wipeout HD pushes some of the best visuals on the PS3. So it's no wonder another game they're working on has fantastic graphics. They're also used to working on F1 simulation racing games, so they're always raising the bar for graphics, basically.
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halocursed  +   1861d ago
MIND= BLOWN enough said...these comparisons are so impressive. The PS3 is already going places
cjflora  +   1861d ago
No no no no
Didn't you guys see the vid awhile back where the devs were showing a pre-alpha demo of this game? I mean it CRASHED while they were showing it! This game is clearly a clunker, otherwise a story wouldn't have been done about a pre-alpha demo crashing.
bjornbear  +   1861d ago
thats the point of pre-alpha versions
they crash, and then they are optimized.
cjflora  +   1860d ago
Sorry, I thought my sarcasm would be obvious...
Holeran  +   1860d ago
Slightly obvious, could of added a little more nonsense to it to make it more over the top. I give it a 7.5 out of 10 on the sarcasm scale.
bjornbear  +   1860d ago
lol sorry, hard to notice online without the /s or big nonsensical factor =P fair enough xD
Chapulin  +   1861d ago
I played Motorstorm Apocalypse
in 3D at E3 and it looked incredible. The only bad thing it was very chaotic with all the buildings falling around you and car parts flying at you. It was kind of hard to see where your going lol.
remanutd55  +   1860d ago
i played it too and completely loved it , it was the most impressive game i've played in 3D at E3 , no doubt about it , spectacular , intense , chaotic , LUNATICS UNITE !!!!!!
ranmafandude  +   1861d ago
damn man
sony is setting higher standards for games this gen. uncharted 2,motorstom apocolypse, gow3, killzone 2&3 damn lol.i still love nintendo though.
colonel179  +   1860d ago
If only we had Metroid and Zelda with PS3-like graphics!
JonnyBigBoss  +   1861d ago
Wow this looks fantastic.
APOFISBORICUA  +   1861d ago
will be mind blowing graphically and gameplaywise but, honestly guys I believe you are kinda exagerating. Dont get me wrong the reason is because for example in the first screen comparison the Pacific Rift screen looks better. As I said I dont doubt and I bet my PS3 that Apocalypse will end up as one of the best looking games this gen...these devs are in huge competition with first parties.

My point is that the media did not cared about the awesome graphics of PR... they kinda underated and menonspreciated them and with the mayority of the upper comments guys...you are doing the same.

PACIFIC RIFT is one of the best looking off road games this gen and one of the funniest to. To bad it fell victim of the bad media.

omicron009  +   1860d ago
this game looks awesome
Hoje0308  +   1860d ago
I know it's early days yet, but I don't see a huge difference. This might have something to do with the horrible comparison shots. PR actually looks better in the first picture and the fourth looks like concept art. They also cherry picked some bad photos of PR in the other comparisons. While I have no doubt that the game will look great, this comparison is just pointless.
SaberEdge  +   1860d ago
I agree with you. I don't see how one or the other is any better looking.
killcycle  +   1860d ago
All Motorstorm 3 pics look better apart from screenshot 1 imo.
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writersblock  +   1860d ago
Graphics Aside
Apocolypse looks so much better. I liked the feel of pacific with its scenic areas, but damn. Apocolypse has collapsing buildings and amazing scenery filled with grit. Thats just awesome in a racing game
yamzilla  +   1860d ago
attitudes like this-

"The playstation 3 is again showing its muscle. Man Sony always takes it to the next level every time, every year. Wonder we will ever need a PS4 for the next 5 years lol. "

and this-

"I'm guessing we'll have a ps4 by 2013-14, 7-8 years into the ps3's life cycle. Sony may not be eager to release a new console just yet but I don't think they want to let the xbox 720 gain too much of a lead. "

We need new consoles NOW!!!

they can't even run lots of game in 720p.....720p!!!

Some games are as low as 540p....

This is crap....
wtf do we have 1080p tv's for...
you guys are holding back the industry.....

waaaaaaa ... I don't wanna have to spend another $600 on something I love so much I post in forums about it....
$600 is f'ing nothing...seriously....
I probably spend $600 on golf in 3 months....who gives a shit....thats what moneys for.....

2014....are you fucking kidding me.....you honestly think these consoles will be relevent then.....they are irrelevent now!!!!

720p is bad!
640p is poo!
600p is barf!
576p is a joke!
540p...thanks alan wake...you take the cake for fucking trash resolutions that I was using in 1996 on a crt monitor in school.....

2014......do they let people buy xbox's and ps3's with foodstanmps......
I'm gonna go puke now......
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Hoje0308  +   1860d ago
PeaceOut   1860d ago | Spam
PS360PCROCKS  +   1860d ago
While i am a graphics whore and would gladly thrown down 600+ on a console tomorrow for better eye candy you're an extremist man. Calm down and take a chill pill lol. I agree I'd love full 1080P games with even better graphics than UC2, Gears 3, KZ3, GOW 3 and so on...Not to be an xbox hater, but all the PS3 1st party games manage 720P, some do 60FPS, some games ::cough:: do 1080p ::cough:: GT5 ::cough:: some games do 720p and 60fps with eye bleeding graphics...new xbox maybe but the PS3 will be fine for at least 3-4 more years.

edit:: how is 720p irrelevant? lmao it's still HD, it's just not FULL HD. calm the hell down, what's next you want PS4 to do 2560x1600?
#24.3 (Edited 1860d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
1PC2PS33360  +   1860d ago
poor people
suck and ruin everything!
yamzilla  +   1860d ago
you guys
are such babies....everything i said is true.... 720p is irrelevent for gaming...you should have higher standards.....i bet dating a stripper is your goal in life.....
writersblock  +   1860d ago
I bet leaving the basement is your goal

Nobody knows WTF you are going on about so you might as well just shutup. Im guessing you're some sort of PC/computer nut who hated consoles.
dkgshiz  +   1860d ago
It takes one to know one yamzilla.
You really should just STFU.
yamzilla  +   1860d ago
i have all the consoles.....just ready for new ones.....2014-- lol ...would that really make you happy.....get out ur ps2 and play that then if you wanna use 9 year old tech....
writersblock  +   1860d ago
Are you dumb?
Nobody wants a new console out, the lifecycles are long

You want all the newest tech they've been showing? Feel free to pay 10 000 for the prototype, idiot
jusjus110   1860d ago | Spam
EliteAssassin81  +   1860d ago
Damn, looks like screenshots from a movie
DJ  +   1860d ago
Bad Screwup

Comparing concept art to gameplay? Come on, now.
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