Is Anyone Else Excited for Motion Controls

SFG writes: Kinect is a high tech camera that can track a person in a 3D space, and Microsoft is building up their whole interface to interact with it. Microsoft has been touting it as a new platform and has stated that controller-less is the future. The one thing that is worrisome for me is, from what they are showing so far, it all kinda looks like upgraded EyeToy games. I truly hope they fix that. If they don’t it could be trouble, because you can buy a used Wii with games, for less than Kinect’s price tag. Enough of the history lesson. Now that we are all caught up. Lets get back to my article.

Everyone says the next-gens are just trying to cash in on the Wii’s success. That could be true, but...

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Joule2764d ago


deadreckoning6662764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Nope...not me. I remember when the majority of this site could care less about motions controls, but now thats its coming to their HD systems...they start to care. Typical N4G hypocritical B.S

@D4RKNIKON- Actually, that GT Move Steering wheel is makin me not only wanna buy Move...but actually buy GT5. Whats funny is that I'm not even into driving sims. Nice find! The only thing I'm trying to figure out is why is it so cheap? Looks like a great deal for 20 bux.

D4RkNIKON2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I am looking forward to Killzone 3, Socom 4, Little Big Planet 2, GT5, Ruse, Resident Evil 4, Heavy Rain and The Fight. And for those of you who ask "Who would want to play GT5 with the move controller?"

shoddy2764d ago

I'm exited to try new gaming experience.
Laggy control is unacceptable.

Seferoth752764d ago

"I'm exited to try new gaming experience. "

LOl gotta love the casuals... You seriously think you're getting something new when its the same thing another console had for 4 years now?lmao

shoddy2764d ago

I say Move will be for hardcore as well.

raztad2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Hey Seferoth.

Can you do this (SKIP TO 2:00):

OR this:

on the other system?

The difference between the PS3 motion tech and what is in the other system, is like this:



And I wanted to keep it casual. There is more stuff where that comes from, but I think it is enough.

Harcore gamers have stuff to look forward that just can not be found anywhere else but on PS3.

So no, it is not the same thing, as you want us to believe.

I'll be trying KZ3 with MOVE, and some sword fighting in Sport Champion. I've been playing Oblivion during the last couple of days, and I can tell action fantasy based RPGs with MOVE would be a dream came true. 1:1 immersive experience.

ChickeyCantor2764d ago


The shadow game IS possible, Lost in shadow on the Wii allows you to control the character while shadows move.
If you are refering to the dynamic change in lightning, how the hell do you know its not possible? Lost in shadows shows you wrong.
And its actually sad that Lost in Shadows will be ignored while this casual chrome game will be praised.

Another example of shadows being used.

Before you go "Its not the same"
Point is the technique is possible, so what makes you believe the IR or Motion plus cant do the same?

I have to agree with Deadreck.
People hated the whole idea of motion controls, and now they are praising it like hell.

ExplosionSauce2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I love my Wii!
But you do have a good point and I agree.

@Sidar, There are things you just can't do with the Wii. The shadow based games are simple. All you have to do is point.

With Move, your body is tracked, along with three-dimensional movement capture, X Y Z.

ChickeyCantor2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

" The shadow based games are simple. All you have to do is point. "

Im simply pointing out that just because its on the PS3 with Move doesn't mean its impossible else where.
The ignorance that is stimulating the new motion controls is just pathetic.

Thats all.

No one needs to explain the differences, i know them.

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RockmanII72764d ago

With all the great games coming out, I'm not gonna waste hundreds of dollars on Motion Controls.

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fantasygamer2764d ago

I am.. BUT!.. its depending on the games I wont just buy anything. I think Sorcery looks cool so far. ^-^

karl2764d ago

i excited for sorcery.. it just happens to use move so i guess that im excited for move..

CobraKai2764d ago

Kinect needs to show me a game worth playing and right now it doesn't have it.

Bigpappy2764d ago

Nice way to get attention. He should have just writter: "Here is why I am excited about the move and not Kinect".

The person who summitted this is even more misleading.

matey2764d ago

yeah wii has 2 major games from Rockstar North and a THQ game that if it was at E3 it would have put MOVE/KINECT in the shade plus THQ says its massive and puts all there previous games in the shade and its a significant step for a wii game then u have all them E3 announcements as well as Black ops with IR controls ect wii has the most HARDCORE motion games FACT

PSfan092764d ago

im so excited, and i just cant hide it /sarcasm +lyrics

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