Has Kinect Sold You?

Let me just state that I will never buy Kinect. Playstation Move, mabey, but not Kinect. It doesn't seem right. The games they have aren't very good and you look like an idiot using it. They have the right idea. But the technology isn't developed enough for me to spend $150.00 on it.

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frankymv3066d ago

I think that the majority of gamers on N4G will not be buying kinect.

Count3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Mostly because they're Ps3 fanboys.

mrv3213066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Mostly because they are smart enough to realise $150 for Kinectimals and dancing games doesn't seem like a good investment but what would the launch line-up planned games, features, spec list and previews tell us about Natals game possibilities.

Also no buttons.

I am considering buying move which is more that I can say for Natal.

I said 'smart ENOUGH' doesn't mean they can be a doctor it just means they have common sense.

Omega43066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Wow people disagreeing with the facts, sad.

The worst part is they all say they will buy Move when you know for a fact they won't.

hiredhelp3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


hiredhelp3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

DO YOU SPEAK ON BEHALF OF EVERY 360 OWNER.or just to critasise playstation owners.

Count3066d ago Show
tynam3066d ago

It's amazing how much I hate you after just 5 words

ATLGAMER3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

So you are a fanboy if u think Kinect is crappy...then a lot of xbox users are ps3 fanboys also right ...
just give it up already as of now kinect is a big failure you are only defending it because u are the fanboy

asyouburn3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

or petting fake animals. and i dont need a game to exercise, i work out two nights a week in a gym. so sony has nothing to do with me not wanting kinect.
EDIT: and just thought i'd throw this in as well, i wont be buying move either.

tinybigman3066d ago

i will not buy kinect because i don't waste my money on shovelware, and items that have no worth for me. i don't buy shovelware for the wii; so why the hell should i spend $150 for a camera when the games for it are horrible.

move i'll buy because it has been shown to work with core games, and that's what i want from my games.

agree/disagree all you want but that's how honestly i feel about both new motion control schemes.

oohWii3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Why do PS3 Fanboys, that have no desire to buy Kinect feel compelled to come into a 360 thread (about Kinect) and give their opinions?

Is it to show support for the other PS3 FANBOYS that they know are in the thread trolling also?

Do they really think 360 Owners give a damn what they think?

Are they a bunch of bithcy girly men?

Do they really think that their opinions mean a rat ass to anyone but their mothers?

Really, what compells someone to comment on something that they claim to have no interest in, let alone write an article about it?

Please, serious inquiries only.

Thank you,
N4G fanboy research department (FRD)

@tinybigman - haha, spoken like a true "BANNED" disgruntled converted PS3 fanboy. XBL gamertag says it all.

tinybigman3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

you think i give 2 craps what you think? if i was a fanboy i wouldn't own all 3 systems numbnuts. and just because my system is banned doesn't mean shit. i won't spend my hard earned cash on something that has shown to be worthless to me.

you looking up my gamertag shows me how worthless you are as a person. what i do with the item i spent my money on is none of your concern.

oh and your the bitchy little girl for coming on here and complaining about other people.

karl3066d ago

because it sucks.... hope that enlights anyone who was considering on buying it..

secksi-killer3066d ago

i wont be buying this, just like i wont be buying "the move". i have a wii which i dont use, so i have no intention of buying sony and microsofts desperate attempts to get some of the wiis market.

kinetic and move = desperate me too copying.

now disagree away.

oohWii3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Hit a nerve did I?

Don't be upset I understand, you got your 360 banned because you modded it. I explains why you think 150 for Kinect is too expensive, you are use to stealing what you use on your consoles. MS caught you, banned your 360 and now you're pissed as if you weren't the cause of your own 360 getting banned.

Wow, I am either pretty good at this, or you are simply that easy to read. I think it's the ladder of the two.

My looking up your gamertag, is simply investigative commenting, something you should probably do before opening your mouth so much on N4G. It's not pathetic of me, you put the gamertag out there for people to see right? Perhaps you should remove it if you don't want people to know that you rent games, and make copies of them; or that you're a HUGE GAMING CHEATER! (I would have to go with the former on this one.)

I'm just saying.

tinybigman3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

no jackass I modded my system because I'm a new single homeowner. So on top of paying for mortgage, I pay for cable, cel phone, maintenance, electric, and 3 credit cards. So I made the choice to mod it to save money I don't have to buy all the games I want to play.

I will not apologize to anyone for what I do with my personal items so u can go blow it out your ass. And even if I didn't mod my system I still wouldn't buy kinect because I don't buy shovelware games, and that's all that kinect has. So again kiss my you know what you self righteous ass.

You really have no life to focus or care about what my comment says; or what I do with my personal stuff.

Go ahead and complain to the mods I don't care.

Oh I'm not changing my comment for no one, and if I really hated the 360 I would have never bought the system dipsh*t.

Biggest3066d ago

I'm late to this party and don't really care about the Kinect in general. But I must respond to this:

A fair question
Why do PS3 Fanboys, that have no desire to buy Kinect feel compelled to come into a 360 thread (about Kinect) and give their opinions?

This is a thread that poses a question that is open to all gamers. It applies even moreso to PS3 fanboys. Microsoft fanboys wanted Kinect before they knew about it. Now that we know what it is and what it does, does it do enough to make people that didn't want it before want it now? The obvious answer is no.

livinwitbias3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

Anger management much! I guess oohwii did hit a nerve. I really don't know how or why you think being a single parent gives you a license to steal software simply because you can't afford it.

The sad thing is you're using it as justification as if that makes it okay. You're right about one thing, no one can tell you what to do with your money and what to buy with it. But here some friendly advice, if you're so broke that you need to pirate games because you are a single parent with bills and a house full of kids, perhaps you shouldn't have bought so much gaming gear.



"Now that we know what it is and what it does, does it do enough to make people that didn't want it before want it now? The obvious answer is no"

The only thing obvious is your arrogance and your misguided ability to assume what other people would want.

I hereby click the disagree button under your comment.

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playstation_clan3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

no, reason. how about the fact that i prefer buttons for gaming

[email protected] just because i have playstation_clan as a username says i prefer ps3, yes but it doesnt take rocket science to know kinect will fail with hardcore gamers
i just love core gaming which kinect isnt, bottom line.

Count3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Says the oh so ''playstation_clan' ;'. With added Ps3 avatar.

What is a hardcore gamer?

zootang3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


Hardcore gamers are gamers that play full games like Killzone 3 and Resi 5 and Sorcery, then try to master the game. I don't think anyone could call Kinectimals or fitness game hardcore.

Just my opinion, not fact :)

PirateThom3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Anyone defending Kinect, as a legitimate gaming controller along with the cost of it, is an idiot. There. Plain and simple.

No "hidden agenda", no "misdirection". No, you're an idiot.

hamoor3066d ago

Hey look my friend...I think a lot of things in life is overpriced and not worth it like the Mac laptops and so..but am not gonna till everybody DON'T BUY IT OR YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!
everybody have an opinion and if they got the money the can spend it they way the want to

PirateThom3066d ago

It's a $150 web cam with no games. It's not even a case of having an opinion, those are the facts of it and I'm not against people spending their money how they want, generally, Kinect is just one step too far.

Bigpappy3066d ago

I must be a double Ediot. I bought 2.

Who would have tunk?

Next time I want to spend my cash, I be sure and check with you first, cause I don't want to be an idiot.

zootang3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


What was the reason for buying 2? I'm interested.

PS360PCROCKS3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Hamoor I have a Macbook Pro and I'm not an idiot. Was it overpriced? Hell yes it was! Was it worth it? Hell yes it was. It allows me to do schoolwork on the programs I need since my college is all mac computers. The price is just a number, only you can justify what it's worth to you. Some people think 360/PS3 are overpriced, cars, Apple anything, louis vuitton etc...The point is money is just an object if it makes you happy it's worth it. My MBP makes me very happy, so does my PS3, Xbox 360, Motorola Droid, 50" Pioneer Elite. Most people think I'm crazy for having nearly $10,000 worth of just electronics. I think people are crazy for buying $70,000 cars, $25,000 worth of tools.

Oh and Pirate thom was saying you're an idiot if you pay $150 for a webcam that isn't even a legitimate controller. I agree with him.

Bigpappy3066d ago

Then I decided to get one for my kids (teens) as they are more excited about it than I am. I like my WRPG's and other Hardcore games. So when I am playing those, I don't want them voting me off so they can do their dance games and their mom can work out. So there you go.

ActionBastard3066d ago

No need to get defensive. It is confusing to read someone whose reasoning for buying Kinect is "I like WRPG's and other Hardcore games", when neither has even been hinted.

secksi-killer3066d ago

but i bet you would "valiantly" defend "the move"!

im sorry thom, but to me you are just another sony turd.

Bzone243066d ago

No hidden agenda or misdirection from the king basher of the anything Xbox. lol That was a good one thomas.

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Blaze9293066d ago

seeing as I already pre-ordered one at Toys R US for that $89.99 deal - I guess it has.

Inside_out3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Well I'm interested in Move for Socom and Kinect for adventures as well as the specific ubisoft exercise game and MTV dance game. If you have small children, I can see Kinect being the number one add on because of Kinectanimals. I also have a Wii but rarely use it.

In terms of price, Kinect wins, 1 kinect Vs 2 move controllers and the camera. In terms of bundles, Kinect, as of now wins with the $299 Vs $399 PS3 bundle. The Wii costs even less now, $210 ( $285 with second controller ), with 2 games.

M$ is set to have a monster holiday season. Sony Move will sell well to those who have a PS3 already, but I think they will have a hard time convincing people to pay $399 for the PS3 Move bundle...PLUS add a second controller and a game and your in the $550 range...ouch. Pushing 3D TV's at the same time could also really hurt the Move sales. 3D, right now no matter how great it looks ( Panasonic 3D is INCREDIBLE ), is very expensive. The glasses alone are $150 ea.

Biggest3066d ago

Panasonic, dude? Really?

Kulupoo3066d ago

Not going to buy Kinect, untill they show show hardcore games

asyouburn3066d ago

theres a plethora of "hardcore" games on 360 right now. i dont think kinect will ever give it to you

RealityCheck3066d ago

I agree, for me to consider it they would need to show some core games or optional integration into the main 360 games.

otherZinc3066d ago

My family is sold on Kinect. Not me, as I cant stand any motion control device.

If I ranked them MOVE would be the worst, Wii is the leader because they started it & Kinect in 2nd place. SONY should just stop before they take an enormous loss.

asyouburn3066d ago

"If I ranked them MOVE would be the worst, Wii is the leader because they started it"

So a model T ford is "better" than a ferrari because it came first?

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Dsnyder3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Im already doubtful on this motion control crap for any console but this is just extortion. People seem to have forgotten that games are about relaxing and sitting your ass on a couch, not coming home and flailing your arms at the screen. I dont want to excercise when I play a game and I dont want to pay half a console to do it either.

hamoor3066d ago

All these motion crap is gonna be boring after a month or least in my opinion

Agent-863066d ago

1) You look ridiculous playing
2) You can only play standing up
3) Requires 6 feet of space between player and device (which actually turns into 9 feet since you need room to move around; 6 feet is the line you can't cross)
4) Only two people can play at a time (and, as far as I know, no Kinect game can be played online)
5) Doesn't recognize wrist or other fine movement
6) High entry price of $150
7) Games are $50 each. Really, $50 to fake pet a fake tiger!
8) No games appealing to hardcore gamers
9) Uses 15% of the 360's processing power

cossie1233066d ago

ok your comment is an utter fail. do ya research before you post stupid comments.

1) You look ridiculous playing - maybe so but who gives a shit its fun
2) You can only play standing up - incorrect ,games can be played sitting if they are made that way. and why the hell would you sit down on games like dance central. lol
3) Requires 6 feet of space between player and device - true but if ya got the room buy it, if ya aint then dont
4) Only two people can play at a time (and, as far as I know, no Kinect game can be played online) - true again but could you see 4 people standing side by side in a room. and yes kinect games will work on live.
5) Doesn't recognize wrist or other fine movement - my not be true as its been mentioned that the bowling game can detect the spin from ya wrist
6) High entry price of $150 - not bad considering you get a game with it and if you go to for £134 you van get it with 2 games
7) Games are $50 each. Really, $50 to fake pet a fake tiger! - business mate business
8) No games appealing to hardcore gamers - not yet but will be soon, this is just the start wait till it matures
9) Uses 15% of the 360's processing power - i do 100% agree on this but we will see soon if it affects the gameplay

MorganX3066d ago

Another Gamestop 2x trade-in and I'm all over the new 360S!

hamoor3066d ago

Screw kinect and MOVE all you need is this little baby to REALLY enjoy the hardcore games

Bloodyghost3066d ago

I do not get why everyone is getting all buzzed up for both. I mean families seriously want 3Mote and a Eye Toy Plus?! I mean come on..

Kinectimals is the most retard idea for a game ever following up with Shoot Out!